Curlers: Quotes From the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Curlers: Quotes From the 2010 Olympic Winter Games
Canadian Olympic Team Mark

By cdnolympicteam


Kevin Martin (after his first practice):

“It was good, nice movement; everything finished late which is kind of what we’re used to. It’s good to get through opening ceremonies. It’s fantastic and now on to the job at hand, we’ll see what happens. We feel good, we’re really throwing it good, and the ice looks good, so that’s very positive. ”


Cheryl Bernard:

“The crowd was deafening. It gets inside you.”

Susan O’Connor, after first win against Switzerland:

“We were anxious to get going and any time that you can start a big event like this with a win it’s huge. Never mind that we’re playing against an excellent team and probably a medal contender so, that on top of it is really big so we’re taking a lot of good things from this day.”

Marc Kennedy commenting on his first Olympic experience:

“Fantastic. The crowds, the atmosphere, you know, Canada’s passion for the sport, to have that kind of support is a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t think words can explain how great that was out there today.”


Kristie Moore just coming off her 6-5 win over Japan:

“Our game was good. We did struggle throughout the day. The girls were still positive after the game. The ice has changed a bit but I think they adapted well.”


Cheryl Bernard after win over Germany 6-5:

“You know it was great to win that 3-0 game and technically we’re getting stronger and stronger out there and we’re loving the crowds and the fans.”

John Morris after day three of curling competition:

“We feel great and we’re starting to be little more consistent. So far so good! We need to make sure to learn from the ice and the rocks and that we prepare appropriately for the games next weekend.”


John Morris, commenting on the men’s curling team’s performance after their 5th straight win

“We’re all feeling really good, we’ve been playing really consistent over the past few games. We have a big game tomorrow night against Great Britain that we’re going to rest up for, and make sure that we’re well prepared for. We’re looking forward to a battle tomorrow night.”


Marc Kennedy, after winning 7th straight game in men’s curling

“The key is now not to get complacent in the next 2 games. We know we’re in the playoffs, so just don’t get lazy. Do all of the little things right and really try to prepare yourself mentally for the playoff round.”


Dennis Balderston, Canadian women’s curling team:

“The team showed great character after the loss yesterday, and came out quite strong. Won the draw to the button to get the hammer, blanked the first end, scored two in the second, and managed the scoreboard for the rest of the game.”

Canadian Olympic Team Mark

By cdnolympicteam

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