Travis Gerrits: Summer training for aerials skiing eh?

Travis Gerrits: Summer training for aerials skiing eh?

By Georgia Sapounas

What does training for aerials skiing look like in the summer?  Travel through a day in the life with Travis Gerrits.  No snow, no problem.

7:22 AM

It’s time to get this day started! Fresh coffee always starts my day.

9:27 AM

Gym time!
It’s been six weeks since I had PRP on my knee. Lets kick today off with some electrocution squats!

Gerrits 2

12:52 PM

1 on 1 training sessions gives me the chance to work on the smallest details in the gym right now. Core stability and leg strength is key!


It’s time for a post workout swim at the office! What a beauty day out here in Quebec City, homeland of poutine.

Gerrits 4


Loving my course at Stanford University. Trying to get some work done before the weekend!



Watched ‪@PoulinKayak on the live-stream of the Junior World Championships today. Nice win in that first 200m sprint man!


Afternoon activity of trying out the kayaks that the World Cup team use! Tricky – even with a good core!!

Gerrits 5


Finishing my day where it started – my office!! Beautiful and productive spot to visualize my triple backflips!


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