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7 Olympic athletes who have #WhatItTakes

7 Olympic athletes who have #WhatItTakes

By Callum Ng

Today adidas launches its Canadian Olympic Team high performance collection at Sport Chek. We thought we’d show it off and share why our Canadian Olympians have #WhatItTakes.


Charles is LIMITLESS.

Charles Hamelin has won everything. Olympic gold, World Championship gold, World Cup gold. All that matters is the next gold.


Kaillie is FEARLESS.

Kaillie Humphries is comfortable screaming down a track at Autobahn speeds. Brakes are unnecessary.


Jon has VISION.

Jon Montgomery first tried skeleton in 2002. He was hooked. From then on he committed himself to do one thing. Win.


Maëlle has PASSION.

Maëlle Ricker lives for the mountain. When she isn’t racing on the mountain, she’s training on one. When she’s doing neither, you know where to find her.



Before Erik Guay became one of Canada’s most successful ski racers he blew out his knee. Then he came back. Stronger and better than anyone.


Meaghan Mikkelson has GRIT.

Hockey is in Meaghan Mikkelson’s blood. Just another reason to train her body smarter than anyone on earth.


Chris Del Bosco is ALL-IN.

Chris Del Bosco was disappointed with his last Olympics. But it’s hard to impress a guy who only skis for the top of the podium. Now he’s training for Sochi 2014.

By Callum Ng

Senior Writer/Producer for I tell sport stories. I also like songs and dim sum. Liable to be found rink side, track side, pool side, any side.

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