#OlympicNine is a weekly look at some of our favourite images from Canadian Olympians and Olympic hopefuls on Instagram.

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Latest photos feature Canadian basketball phenom Andrew Wiggins meeting hip hop superstar Kanye West at his Toronto show; Kelsey Serwa spends the holidays on the mountain under a colourful sky; Martin Reader and Jason Burnett are… well, we’re not entirely sure, and more great pictures.

December 23 – 29

Olympic Nine, Dec 23-29, 2013

Vibrant sunsets from @skibigwhite all week! Love being on the mountain over the holidays ❤️🎿

A photo posted by Kelsey Serwa (@kelseyserwa) on

Ma ville c'est la plus belle!

A photo posted by Audrey Robichaud (@audreyrobichaud) on

🎈hbd 2 me🎈

A photo posted by • Kelsey Charrette Titmarsh (@kelseytitmarsh) on

Last night #YeezyConcert #RHF

A photo posted by Andrew Wiggins (@22wiggins) on


A photo posted by spencerobrien (@spencerobrien) on

ODR @freddyallport. #twoadays #hockey #beinghomeisfun #doyouevendangle

A photo posted by Natalie Allport (@natalieallport) on

Christmas Eve got a little carried away…

A photo posted by Jason Burnett (@jasonburnett_) on

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