Keep your #WeAreWinter pics coming, Canada [CONTEST]

Keep your #WeAreWinter pics coming, Canada [CONTEST]

By Laurie Piltz
Brand Intern

It’s week three of the #WeAreWinter photo contest and the photos are still flooding in.  To give you an idea of some of the great photos we’re seeing, we’ve curated nine photos that truly prove that we are winter.

Remember, you can enter once/day to win the grand prize, a trip for two to Mont Tremblant as well as other great weekly prizes.  All you need to do is post a photo to Twitter, Instagram or use our Facebook app with the hashtag #WeAreWinter.

Get out and enjoy your winter sport or your summer sport in the winter (frozen winter running eyelashes anyone?) and share those photos with us. If you need inspiration or just want to take in the view, keep scrolling.

week 3 collage

9. You’re never too young to learn how to ski

8. Bottoms up!

7. It’s doesn’t get any better than a day on the slopes

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine #snowboarding #bigwhite #skyporn #wearewinter

A photo posted by @izzimeowww on

6. The best way to get around


Photo by: Josh

5. Snowshoeing, not as easy as it looks


Photo by: Norah

4. Classic. Every Canadian can likely relate


Photo By: Nicole

3. Just add ice

Cindy Lynn

Photo by: Cindy

2. Flying high


Photo by: Frédérick

1. Practicing to be the next Crosby


Photo by: Brianna

Now it’s your turn, Canada. Keep those photos with #WeAreWinter coming!


By Laurie Piltz
Brand Intern

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