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Our favourite cameos by Canadian athletes

Our favourite cameos by Canadian athletes

By Callum Ng

After this week, Eugenie Bouchard has a much better chance of making a cameo on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Actor Jim Parsons, (Sheldon) is at Wimbledon and has been hanging out with #GenieArmy, check out our story on that.

After Bouchard advanced to her third Grand Slam semi-final this year, TSN asked Parsons if a cameo on his show might be possible. His reply was encouraging, and seemed more than simply gracious, “The only way I could possibly pay her back is to somehow get her on the show, if she even wants that,” exclaimed the Emmy-winning star. “Fair is fair, I would do what I could.”

Later, TSN reporter Mark Masters tells Genie what went down and her response is priceless. #OhMyGodHeSaidThat

Genie_BigBangIn honour of this grand possibility, here are a handful of other Canadian athletes who have made solid cameos:

Steve Nash – Entourage

The two-time NBA MVP meets Eric Murphy, (Kevin Connolly), in a chance encounter and offers some condolences for Eric’s apparent love-life issues. Nash_Entourage

Wayne Gretzky – D2: The Mighty Ducks

After winning their way to the finals, the boys of Team U.S.A. are congratulated by a supportive Gretz, which is albeit weird since they are, well, Team U.S.A. Gretzky_D2

Elvis Stojko – The Simpsons (Kill Gil, Volumes I & II)

The two-time Olympic silver medallist voices his own character in this random cameo, and his outfit is clearly the best part. Oh Classic Stojko.


Ken Read – Corner Gas

Just watch this:

Cam Neely – Dumb and Dumber

Ever wonder where ‘Kick his a–, Sea Bass!” came from? Hall-of-Famer and President of the Boston Bruins Cam Neely, that’s who.
Not really a cameo, we know, but priceless.

Paul Kariya – D3: The Mighty Ducks

Quote! “Size isn’t everything in hockey Josh…”



By Callum Ng

Senior Writer/Producer for I tell sport stories. I also like songs and dim sum. Liable to be found rink side, track side, pool side, any side.

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