#OlympicBuzz : The great outdoors

#OlympicBuzz : The great outdoors

By Marie-Eve Leclerc


What’s new with our Olympians? Delve into their fascinating everyday lives through social media. Here’s a recap of 10 favourite posts this week via our Canadian Olympic athletes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Week of August 5-11, 2014


1. Jennifer Abel has definitely landed on her feet.

The diver came out of the water for this amazing photo that appeared in Sportnet Magazine’s “Beauty” section.

2. “Boredom” is not part of Josh Binstock’s vocabulary.

The volleyball player enjoyed an action-packed weekend in the great outdoors.

3. Jenna Blasman gets her dose of tranquility.

It would be difficult and even next to impossible not to stop for a moment to take in the scenery here.

4. Cross-country skiers don’t always need snow.

Alex Harvey proves that sun, roller blades and a solid team are more than enough in the summer.

Andy Newell qui nous montre ses spots ! / Andy Newell showing us arround! Thanks @andynewellskier !

A photo posted by Alex Harvey (@alx_rv) on

5. Sophie Schmidt tackles a new sport.

Not only is the soccer player a master at ball control, she is now taking aim at becoming a master surfer.

6. Tennis under the sun.

Caroline CalvéCaroline Ouellette and Bruny Surin took advantage of the beautiful weather to see the Williams sisters play in the semi-finals.

7. Skier Larisa Yurkiw is used to racing down a mountain.

But she is just as ready to climb up a mountain to reach the top.

First time at #metcalferock …gonna have to up my spinach intake.

A photo posted by larisayurkiw (@larisayurkiw) on

8. Mark McMorris gives thanks.

The Olympic medallist is thankful for the opportunity to train in this splendid Chilean environment.

Lucky to wake up in this amazing place! 🙏 #Chile @travelindan @mikeyrencz @burtonsnowboard

A photo posted by Mark McMorris (@markmcmorris) on

9. The Worlds in Moscow.

The women’s kayak team explored the city before rushing out onto the water.

10. Get out and explore the great outdoors.

That’s the advice of Derek Livingston, as supported by this photo of a natural setting in British Columbian.

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