The COC Board of Directors manages the affairs of the COC. It is responsible for a number of activities including approving the appointment of the CEO, providing direction to the CEO, adoption of policies and programs that implement the COC’s strategic plan, adoption of the COC’s annual budget, monitoring the implementation of the policies, programs, and budgets that it adopts, determining the size and composition of each Canadian Pan American and Olympic Team, and approving all award recipients. The Board is accountable to the Session.

In addition to the CEO who is entitled to attend Board meetings, there are 19 members of the Board of Directors, including 12 elected members and 7 ex officio members (two IOC members, two athlete representatives, one coach representative, the COF chair, and the Immediate Past President).

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Rio 2016

Rio 2016

History was made in 2016 when Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosted the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, marking the first time that a South American country welcomed the world to an Olympic Games. It was also just the third time that the Games were held in the southern hemisphere, following Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.