This is a call for nomination for the election of six (6) Class B members of the Canadian Olympic Committee (“COC”). The Class B Members will be elected from among the list of COC Olympic Supporters, as of April 22, 2017.

There are currently approximately eighty (80) members of the COC contained in the four classes of membership. The Class A members are selected by National Sport Federations (“NSF”) governing sports on the Olympic Games program resident in Canada (currently a maximum of 50 Class A members). The Class C members are members of the International Olympic Committee who are resident in Canada (currently three Class C members). The Class D members are athlete members selected by members of the Canadian Olympic and Pan American Games Teams who have participated in recent Games (currently six Class D members). The Class B members are comprised of general members (currently a maximum of 22 Class B members), of which 12 members are selected from among Olympic Supporters in Canada (six every two years, each for a four year term).

Each member of the COC has the right to attend COC Session at the reasonable expense of the COC and to vote on all matters brought before the Session. Each member has one vote. The Annual Session is typically held on the third weekend in April. A second Session has been held in November. Sessions are held in different cities in Canada.


Persons interested in being elected as a general member of the COC must be on the current list of Olympic Supporters prior to the election.

As defined in the General By-Law No 1 (“GBL”), Olympic Supporters ‘means the group of up to 125 individuals who have a strong and active interest in the Olympic movement, are prominent in their learned professions in business, sport or community activity and have been approved by the Board to have their names placed on the register maintained by the COC for the Olympic Supporters, each such individual comprising the Olympic Supporters having the exclusive right to put his name forward for election as a Class B Member.’


GBL 7.4 sets out that ‘any individual who (i) has been convicted of a serious criminal offence and has not received a Pardon for the offence; or (ii) is currently under a sanction of two years or greater pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code or CAPD Rules, may not serve as a Member, director, or officer of the COC, on a COC Board Committee, or otherwise serve in an official capacity for the COC.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure and confirm that these criteria are met and that a clear police record will be obtained by the applicant upon request.


Application for Class B member may be made by completing the nomination form attached. The Olympic Supporter nomination form previously completed by candidates will be provided to the Nominating Committee and to members who vote to elect the six Class B members.

Please complete the attached brief statement as to why you wish to be a Class B member, your prospective contribution to the COC for the upcoming quadrennial, along with your personal objectives as a Class B member, should you be elected.

It is desirable that the COC membership is reflective of Canadian society and of our high performance sport community. As a result, candidates are encouraged to indicate voluntarily on their application if they are a francophone, an Aboriginal person, or a member of a visible minority group. Consideration will also be made with respect to summer/winter sports and geographical location.


The Nominating Committee will screen all nominations received to ensure that they are on the list of Olympic Supporters and meet the minimum qualifications required by the COC GBL.

Following evaluation of the nominations received, the Nominating Committee will recommend six members for election. Additional nominations may be made in writing up until 10 days prior to the date of the election, provided each such additional nomination shall include the written endorsement of at least five (5) COC members. Any incomplete nominations or nominations received after 10 days prior to election, will be declined.

Following approval of the Board, the Nominating Committee will submit the recommended list of candidates for the Class B member positions to the Members no less than 30 days prior to the April Session.

The deadline for nominations is 5 pm eastern, Friday, December 9, 2016.

Nominations shall be delivered to:

Christopher R Overholt, Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Olympic Committee
900-21 St-Clair Avenue East
Toronto ON M4T 1L9
Fax: 416 967 4902
e-mail: overholtcr@olympic.ca

Any nomination not confirmed by the COC as having been received will be deemed not to have been received. Accordingly, please ensure you have received confirmation of receipt for the nomination you submit.

Please contact Robin Brudner (rbrudner@olympic.ca) if you have questions.


To ensure a transparent process, a calendar of key dates will be posted to the COC Members site http://members.olympic.ca. Please contact Christina Huang (chuang@olympic.ca) if you have questions about access to the site.

Appendix 1. Nomination Form for Class B Member

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