The Canadian Olympic Committee (“COC”) has as its mission, to lead the achievement of the Canadian Olympic Team’s podium success and to advance the Olympic values in Canada. The COC is looking for interested, qualified candidates to join its Board and help lead the organization as it begins its new quadrennial.

The Board meets five times a year, and more if required. The meetings are held in different cities across Canada, typically over the weekend. There will be 18 directors on the COC Board, including IOC members, athlete representatives, and 13 directors who are elected by all 79 members. In April, 2017 at its Annual Session, the COC members will elect up to seven of those 13 directors to serve for a four year term, expiring April, 2021. More specifically, the COC is inviting nominations for the following positions:

  1. Members of the Board of Directors – up to seven positions available, to be elected by all COC Members.
  2. President – one position available, to be elected by all Members from amongst the directors of the COC Board of Directors. This election will occur immediately following the election of directors at the 2017 Annual Session.

Members are comprised of national sports federations on the Olympic Programme (Class A), general members (Class B), IOC Members (Class C) and Athlete Members (Class D).


Persons interested in joining the COC Board should complete the nomination form and attach a brief curriculum vitae. A brief statement is required as to why you wish to run for the position, your prospective contribution to delivering the COC mission, along with your personal objectives as a Director should you be elected.

Following consultation with the Board and other stakeholders, the Nominating Committee especially welcomes nominations from those who can strengthen the COC’s representation in the following areas of skills and expertise:

  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Credibility and excellent relationships with senior decision makers in government and in the corporate community
  • Risk Management
  • Current accounting designation

The COC is committed to building a skilled, diverse Board reflective of Canadian society and of our sport community. As a result, it encourages candidates to indicate voluntarily on their application if they are a francophone, an Aboriginal person, or a member of a visible minority group. Consideration will also be made with respect to summer/winter sports and geographical location.

Current directors standing for re-election should summarize their individual contributions to the Board in their last term together with a statement describing their objectives for the next term should they be re-elected.


Section 7.4 of the COC General By-law provides that “any individual who (i) has been convicted of a serious criminal offence and has not received a Pardon for the offence; or (ii) is currently under a sanction of two years or greater pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code or CADP Rules, may not serve as a Member, director, or officer of the COC, on a COC Board Committee, or otherwise serve in an official capacity for the COC.”

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure and confirm that these criteria are met and that a clear police record will be obtained by the applicant upon request.


The Nominating Committee will screen all nominations received to ensure that they meet the minimum qualifications required at law for a director (an individual, at least 18 years of age, with capacity and not a bankrupt).

Nominations will then be reviewed and evaluated against the skills, expertise and diversity as provided for above.

Following evaluation of the nominations received, the Nominating Committee will present to the Board a recommended list of candidates equal to the number of positions to be elected. In addition, the Nominating Committee will present a second list of additional qualified candidates who fulfil requirements for serving on the Board. The Board will be asked to approve the recommended list and the second list.

Following approval of the Board, the Nominating Committee will submit the recommended list and the second list of qualified candidates for the positions to the Members on or about February 16, 2017. The Members will then have 10 days to submit any additional nominees for consideration. Any additional qualified nominees will be added to the second list. No nominations from the floor will be accepted.

Members may vote for any of the candidates listed on either the recommended list or the second list.


The deadline for nominations is 5 pm eastern, Friday, December 9, 2016.

Nominations shall be delivered to:

Christopher R. Overholt, Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Olympic Committee
900-21 St-Clair Avenue East
Toronto ON M4T 1L9
Fax: 416 967 4902
e-mail   overholtcr@olympic.ca

Any nomination not confirmed by the COC as having been received will be deemed not to have been received. Accordingly, please ensure you have received confirmation of receipt for the nomination you submit.

Please contact Robin Brudner (rbrudner@olympic.ca) if you have questions.


To ensure a transparent process, a calendar of key dates will be posted to the COC website – Olympic.ca / Olympique.ca – and on the COC Members site http://members.olympic.ca.

Appendix 1 – Nomination Form for Elected Positions

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