1960 Rome
  • Duration:
    August 25-September 11
  • Nations Participating:
    83 NOC's
  • Events:
  • Competing Athletes:
    5,338 (4,727 men, 611 women)
  • Canadian Competitors:
    85 (74 men, 11 women)

Games of the XVII Olympiad

This was Canada’s least productive performance at a Summer Games, bringing home only one medal – a silver for the men’s eight rowing team. One of the members of the men’s eight was former federal Environment Minister David Anderson. Swimmer Richard Pound, current COC board member and IOC member, finished in sixth place in the swimming 100m freestyle event, which ended in a tie for gold.

A legend was born during the 1960 Rome Olympic Games. Cassius Marcellus Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali (USA-boxing), first gained international prominence by winning the light-heavyweight gold medal. He would later turn professional and embark on a phenomenal career.

Olympic Oath (athletes): Adolfo Consolini (athletics)

Olympic Oath (officials): None

Olympic Oath (coaches): None

Lighting Olympic Cauldron: Giancarlo Peris

Official Opening: President Giovanni Gronchi

Canadian Medallists







SilverDavid Anderson, Donald Arnold, Sohen Biln, Walter D'Hondt, Nelson Kuhn, John Lecky, Archie Mackinnon, William McKerlich, Glen MervynRowingCoxed Eight - Men -

Flag Bearers

Olympic Club

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