1924 Paris
  • Duration:
    May 4 to July 27
  • Nations Participating:
    44 NOCs
  • Events:
  • Competing Athletes:
    3,089 (2,954 men, 135 women)
  • Canadian Competitors:
    73 (73 men, 0 wome)
  • Medals Won:
    4 (0 G, 3 S, 1 B)

Games of the VIII Olympiad

The second Olympic Games to be held in Paris were much more successful than the first. The number of participating National Olympic Committees jumped from 29 in 1920 t0 44. There were more than 1000 journalists in attendance as well as 625,000 spectators, signalling the arrival of the Olympic Games as a major event with widespread appeal.

Although the words “Citius, Altius, Fortius” had been the Olympic motto since 1894, these Games were the first at which the motto was actually used. A Closing Ceremony ritual was also introduced, with the three flags of the International Olympic Committee, the current host nation, and the next host nation being raised. Another first was the housing of the athletes in an Olympic Village, a group of wood cabins.

These were the last Olympic Games at which tennis was included for another 64 years.

Canada came up empty-handed in gold medals for the first time in Olympic history. Instead, the highlights were a pair of silver medals in rowing and a silver in shooting as well as a bronze medal for boxer Douglas Lewis.

Olympic Oath (athletes): Georges André (athletics)

Olympic Oath (officials): none

Olympic Oath (coaches): none

Lighting Olympic Cauldron: none

Official Opening: President Gaston Doumergue

Canadian Medallists







SilverArchie Black, Colin Finlayson, George Mackay, William WoodRowingCoxless Four - Men -
SilverArthur Bell, Ivor Campbell, Robert Hunter, William Langford, Harold Little, John Smith, Warren Snyder, Norman Taylor, William WallaceRowingCoxed Eight - Men -
SilverSamuel Newton, Samuel Vance, John Black, George Beattie, William Barnes, Robert MontgomeryShootingTeam Trap - Men -
BronzeDouglas LewisBoxingWelterweight - Men -

Flag Bearers

Olympic Club

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2015 Toronto

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