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About the Foundation

About the Foundation

Our Mission

To generate support to meet the technical, scientific, medical and coaching needs of Canada’s high performance sport system and assist Canada’s athletes in becoming ambassadors for sport, healthy living and the pursuit of excellence across the nation.

Our Vision

To inspire Canadians, athletes and other stakeholders to achieve the ultimate podium success at the Olympic Games for Canada and, as a result, create an elevated sense of pride and unity among all Canadians.

Canadian Olympic Foundation Manifesto

We believe that winning matters
Olympic medals increase national pride and solidarity

We believe in the next generation
By investing in the next generation of athletes now,
Canada will have sustainable podium success for future Olympic games

We believe in the pursuit of personal excellence
It is the ambition of all people to pursue their personal
Levels of excellence;  athletes should not have to compromise
Their education to pursue their athletic goals

We believe that sport builds leaders
Those who participate in sport lead by example, demonstrating
The importance of commitment, determination and teamwork;
They also lead by involving others in the Olympic experience and
Inspiring them to reach their full potential

Canadian Olympic Foundation Staff


Leanne Nicolle
Executive Director
Telephone: 416 324-4146

As the Executive Director of the Canadian Olympic Foundation, Leanne is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization, as well as leading the COF team.  She maintains relationships with our funding and sports partners.  Leanne is the primary spokesperson for the COF, and reports to the Board of Directors.


Selga Apse
Senior Business Manager
Telephone: 416 324-4297

Selga oversees the operations of the Foundation, including budgeting and reporting, as well as all contractual agreements and the COF’s policies.  She manages the community giving portfolio, Strive newsletter, the database and planned giving.

Greg O’Halloran
Business Development Manager
Telephone: 416 324-4309

Greg develops and manages relationships with prospective and existing individual, foundation and corporate donors. He manages the major gifts and Future Olympians Fund campaigns, among other initiatives.

Katie Cheesbrough
Marketing & Partnerships Manager
Telephone: 416 324-4130

Katie leads all marketing initiatives to activate and amplify the position of the COF brand.  She works closely with our Marketing Partners to support cause marketing programs and events.

Amanda Nash
Annual Fund Specialist
Telephone: 416 324-4292

Amanda is the primary point of contact for our many donors as she oversees the donor database, and manages all donor tax receipts and contact information.   She supports the team with analysis and provides administrative assistance to the community giving campaign.

Jessie Barrett
Marketing & Development Coordinator
Telephone: 416 324-5012

Jessie leads COF communications, ensuring that our key messages are integrated into all materials including media, digital and social media, while supporting our marketing campaign and development team.

Lauren Adams
Foundation Assistant
Telephone: 416 324-5007

Lauren acts as the Executive Assistant to the Foundation’s Executive Director. She provides administrative support in daily operations and assists with proposals and presentations for the Board of Directors. Lauren provides support to the Foundation team keeping everything and everyone organized.


Contact Us

Canadian Olympic Foundation
21 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900
Toronto, ON Canada, M4T 1L9

Telephone: 416-324-4282
Toll Free: 888-377-7073


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