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1928 Amsterdam

1928 Amsterdam

Games of the IX Olympiad

At the Opening Ceremony, the team from Greece led the Parade of Nations and the host Dutch team marched in last. Greece first, hosts last would become a permanent part of the Olympic protocol. The Olympic flame was lit for the first time during the opening ceremony at the top of a tower placed inside the stadium. It remained lit throughout the Games.

Canadian women first competed in the Summer Olympic Games in Amsterdam. The seven women accounted for less than eight per cent of the 71-member team, but won more than a quarter of the medals – two gold, a silver and a bronze – to dominate the only five women’s track and field events included on the program. Fanny “Bobbie” Rosenfeld took silver in the 100m and then teamed with Florence Bell, Myrtle Book and Ethel Smith to win the 4x100m relay. Ethel Catherwood won the high jump and Ethel Smith captured bronze in the 100m.

Leading the four medals on the men’s side was Percy Williams. Williams won the 100m event, then collected a second gold in the 200m final, his eighth race in four days. He became the first Canadian ever in the history of athletics to win two Olympic gold medals. Jim Ball was a double-medallist with silver in the 400m, and bronze in the 4x400m relay with teammates Phil Edwards, Stanley Glover and Alex Wilson. Seven more Canadian medals came from wrestling (one silver, two bronze), rowing (one silver, one bronze), boxing (one bronze) and swimming (one bronze).

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2016 Rio

2016 Rio

History will be made in 2016 when Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, marking the first time that a South American country will welcome the world to an Olympic Games. It is also just the third time that the Games will be held in the southern hemisphere, following Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.


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