Oakley’s Canadian Olympic Collection

Oakley’s Canadian Olympic Collection

Oakley is the official licensee and eyewear supplier to Team Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee for the next 4 years. We’re celebrating the honor with a special collection that carries the essence of our Canadian heritage of sport performance.

The new collection includes special designs of Oakley Radarlock®, Flak Jacket® XLJ, Overtime, Fuel Cell™ eyewear, Crosslink® ophthalmic frame and 2 goggles, the Airbrake™ and Canopy™. Each design includes “Canadian Olympic Team logo” lens engraving, limited edition microbags, unique icons in the Red Mosaic Print and on the Overtime and Fuel Cell™ you will find accents of the Red Mosaic Print on the interior stems.

 The royalty paid out from Oakley on each SKU will go directly to the Canadian Olympic Committee, who delivers resources that Canada’s elite athletes need to perform at their best.

Oakley has spent decades defying limits to redefine performance for those who strive to do the same in sports, and world-class athletes insist on Oakley technology because they demand the very best in performance and protection. Oakley has earned a reputation for being the gold standard of performance technology, and Olympic athletes have relied on our innovations for many years.

There is no greater compliment than Olympic athletes trusting Oakley innovation for the most important performances of their careers.

View the collection: ca.oakley.com/store/collections/olympic