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“It’s hard to set an expectation with an Olympic final. I think getting to an Olympic final is an accomplishment in itself. I wanted to do my best and I guess I did my best under the circumstances. I’m at the Olympics and I made a goal of making the vault final and I’m here so I couldn’t be happier with that. “

  • Brittany Rogers after finish 7th in the vault final, the highest finish for a Canadian in a non-boycotted Olympic Games.


“When Ellie went, she had a great run and a strong punch off the horse, but she came on a little bit too high into her hand stand on the horse and she wasn’t able to contact the horse with her hands with as much force as usual. She was really reaching and barely was able to even touch her fingers on the horse. She didn’t get the express push that she needed so the rest she was kind of hung out to dry and floating out there. She had a crash landing and she hurt her left ankle. So far it doesn’t look too serious, but it’s probably some kind of sprain and definitely sore. It’s very disappointing , but when I look back at everything she was fantastic and exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

  • David Kikuchi, Ellie Black’s coach, after the gymnast was injured during the vault final.


“Today, we broke the ice. Our marks improve from the 2011 FINA World Championships. We came here to win a medal and it’s a good start.”

  • Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon, synchronized swimmer competing in the duet with partner Élise Marcotte, after they placed fourth in the qualification technical routine with a score of 94.500.


“Tomorrow we will present our free routine for the first time. We have a good draw and everything to impress.”

  • Élise Marcotte, synchronized swimmer competing in the duet with partner Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon, after they placed fourth in the qualification technical routine with a score of 94.500.


“It’s exciting. I saved my best competition until the end and still have the medal race to go. I can only move up the leader board in the final race so I’m going to throw everything at it. I’ve got nothing to lose!”

  • RSX Windsurfer Zachary Plavsic after he reached the event finals with an 8th overall finish in qualification.


“We started down and then outscore them 20-12 in third quarter and I wish coaches would know why it happens, but there are just runs that happen. We dug ourselves a huge hole and then battled back to climb our way out of it. We tried to pull off the upset and we believed we could do it today. It is unbelievable how close every game has been. It is crazy how well teams have played here and risen to the occasion. Our whole pool has played each other really tough ”

  • Allison McNeil, women’s basketball head coach, after the team’s 72-63 result to Australia.


“BMX is an extremely exciting sport.  I remember watching the Olympics in Beijing and  jumping up and down on my couch and wanting to be there in London.  I love super crowds and can’t wait to get back on the track with all the other guys.  We’re mostly young guys in BMX and for a lot of us it’s the first Olympics.  It will be the biggest stage any of us will be on and it’s pretty exciting. In the end we’ll treat it like another world cup.  It’s every kid’s and every athlete’s dream to win a medal for their country.  It’s  unbelievable to be representing Canada.”

  • Tory Nyhaug, Coquitlam, BC said during a pre-competition press conference in the Olympic BMX event.


“To make the semi finals was a goal, that’s checked off now. I would have liked a better time, I know that I’m capable of way more, hopefully we will see that tomorrow. I want to be in the mix in the semi finals, I hopefully saved something for that.”                

  • Sarah Wells after advancing to the semi-finals in the 400m hurdles.



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