Olympic and Paralympic athletes to be honoured at Quebec National Assembly

QUEBEC – The Premier of Quebec, Pauline Marois, will pay tribute to Quebec athletes and coaches who took part in the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The ceremony will be held in the Quebec National Assembly on Wednesday, December 4, 2012.  Media are invited to attend for photo and interview availabilities.

WHO:  London 2012 Olympians
Peter Barry, Equestrian
Philippe Beaudry, Fencing
Ryan Cochrane, Canoe-Kayak
Francois Coulombe-Fortier, Taekwondo
Martine Dugrenier, Wrestling
Emilie Fournel, Canoe-Kayak
Hugues Fournel, Canoe-Kayak
Charles Francis, Swimming
Audrey Lacroix, Swimming
Etienne Lalonde Turbide, Fencing
Marie-Andree Lessard, Beach Volleyball
Elise Marcotte, Synchronized Swimming
Annie Martin, Beach Volleyball
Sandra Sassine, Fencing
David Tremblay, Wrestling
Kathy Tremblay, Triathlon
Valerie Welsh, Synchronized Swimming
Aleksandra Wozniak, Tennis

London 2012 Paralympians
Marco Dispaltro, Boccia, Bronze medallist
David Eng, Wheelchair Basketball, Gold medallist
Benoit Huot, Swimming Gold, Silver & Bronze medallist
Marie-Claude Molnar, Cycling, Bronze medallist
Aurélie Rivard, Swimming, Silver medallist
Elaine Allard, Wheelchair Basketball
Marie-Eve Croteau, Cycling
Valérie Drapeau, Swimming
Michel Filteau, Athletics
Bruno Garneau, Boccia
Bruno Haché, Goalball
Robert Labbé, Cycling
Sarah Mailhot, Swimming
Dominique Mainguy, Cycling
Dave Richer, Boccia
Simon Tremblay, Goalball

WHEN:  December 4, 2012, 3:30 PM

WHERE:  Quebec National Assembly
Salon Rouge
1045, rue des Parlementaires
Québec (Québec) G1A 1A3

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