Regarding Athletes’ Commission elections

TORONTO – Today, the Canadian Olympic Committee issued the following statement on the election of four-time Olympic medallist Adam van Koeverden to the position of Chair of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission. Past Chair Deidra Dionne was elected to the role of Vice Chair.

“I’m very excited to be elected Chair of the Athletes’ Commission and it’s a great feeling to have this kind of trust from my fellow Olympians. We have the opportunity to contribute to the process of improving all aspects of the Canadian Olympic Athlete condition, while giving back to the Canadian sport community that’s been so great to us over the years. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Deidra, my other amazing colleagues on the Athlete Commission and the whole Canadian Olympic Committee Board and Session in the months and years ahead.”
– Adam van Koeverden, Chair, Athletes’ Commission

“I’m really proud to have been chosen for this position of trust and I’m just delighted that I’ll be working with Adam and the rest of the athletes on the Commission. I think we’ve made some good progress in the last few years, but there is still so much education to be done, and goals to accomplish. I feel like we’ve once again got a great team full of smart, driven and articulate athletes who are going to keep us all going in the right direction.”
– Deidra Dionne, Vice-Chair, Athletes’ Commission

“Congratulations to Adam on being elected Chair and to Deidra, on being elected Vice-Chair of our Athletes’ Commission. These two positions are crucial parts of ensuring our Board and Session keep delivering for Canadian athletes and to keeping the Canadian Olympic Committee on a continuously improving path. I look forward to working with both of these exceptional athletes as we work together with the whole sport community to strengthen the Olympic movement in Canada.”
– Marcel Aubut, President, Canadian Olympic Committee

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