Scott Niedermayer is the captain of the 2010 Canadian Men’s Hockey Team that won gold on home ice at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. The team was inducted in the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ont. on September 21, 2012.

I first want to congratulate the other inductees here tonight.

They have made us all proud to be Canadians with their amazing achievements during their athletic careers.

I want to thank the Canadian Olympic Committee for inducting our 2010 men’s hockey team into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.

Representing Canada as a hockey player is always a tremendous honor, which also comes with a lot of responsibility.

Being able to compete and win a gold medal on our home soil made it a once in a lifetime experience.

We enjoy being part of the larger Olympic team, with so many great Canadian Athletes. By capping off the best ever performance by not only the Canadian athletes, but also Vancouver and all Canadians, who showed the best of who we are and gave all the athletes tremendous support, made for an amazing Olympic experience.

There are many people to thank, as everyone involved was there with one purpose, to help the team win a gold medal.

I want to thank Bob Nicholson and everyone at Hockey Canada for their amazing support.

They always do things the right way and give us the best chance for success.

I want to thank Steve Yzerman and the rest of the management group for their hard work in putting the team together and taking care of every detail, so we could perform without any distractions.

I want to thank Mike Babcock, Jacques Lemaire,  Ken Hitchcock, Lindy Ruff and the rest of the coaching staff for their guidance and direction. When we hit the ice we knew that no one was better prepared than we were.

I would like to thank Pierre Gervais, Pat O’Neill, Mike Burnstein, Jim Ramsay and the rest of the training staff for their hard work taking care of our constant needs as hockey players.

Without these guys we would not be able to perform at our best.

And lastly, I would like to thank the players who were all great teammates.

You can’t have success in hockey unless every player selflessly puts the team first, believes in each other and competes harder than anyone else.

We were able to win the gold medal because every player did those things.

Thank you!

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