Statement to mark International Volunteer Day

TORONTO – Today, to mark International Volunteer Day, the Canadian Olympic Committee issued the following statements to highlight the crucial role that volunteers play in the success of Canada’s Olympic Movement, especially during the recent London 2012 Olympic Games and the thrilling Celebration of Excellence in Ottawa and Toronto.

“Volunteers are the true difference-makers to Canada’s Olympic movement — from the local community coaches who mentor and encourage our future Olympians, to the members of the Canadian Olympic Committee Board and Session Members who donate their time and experience. Volunteerism touches every part of sport, right down to those who help with day-to-day tasks. When people volunteer, the Olympic Values of excellence, friendship and respect are fostered. On behalf of the entire Canadian Olympic Team, I cannot thank our volunteers enough for all they do for sport in our country.”
– Marcel Aubut, President, Canadian Olympic Committee

“It was such a fantastic experience to be an official volunteer at Canada Olympic House this summer. In addition to the constant excitement of seeing our Olympic heroes day after day, it was a really special feeling to be a part of something that touches so many people in Canada and around the world. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”
– London 2012 volunteer  Melanie Cantore, Montreal QC

“Volunteering with the Canadian Olympic Team is maybe the most exciting opportunity I’ve had so far. Our Olympians are so inspiring to me personally, but it goes further than that. When you see them in the local communities, just being themselves, you can see how much Canadians respond to who they are and what they represent. Being a volunteer makes you feel part of the Olympic team, the Olympic family.”
– London 2012 volunteer Kristina Velan, Montreal QC

“When I heard I could volunteer during the Hall of Fame Gala, I jumped at the chance. Not only was it an incredibly cool show, but it also showed just how much good can be done when people come together to work for a common cause. I felt proud to be a part of it and I can’t wait to get involved in Canadian Olympic Team events.”

– Toronto, ON volunteer, Winston Chow

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