The Jacques Rogge Conference luncheon in Quebec City: A host of athletes at the event!

QUEBEC CITY – President of the Canadian Olympic Committee and Co-President of the event’s organizing committee, Me Marcel Aubut, together with Mr. Claude Rousseau are very happy to announce that more than 60 Canadian high performance athletes and more than one hundred athletes will count among the 4,000 guests at the May 22, 2012 event at the Centre de Foires de Québec.

In addition to star Olympic athletes from Quebec such as Dominique Maltais, Alex Harvey, Joannie Rochette, Marc Gagnon, Caroline Brunet and Jean-Luc Brassard, to name a few, several big names in Canadian Olympism will also attend the event, such as Mark Tewksbury, who was recently named Chef de Mission for the Canadian team in London, Steve Podborski, the legendary “Crazy Canuck”, Elvis Stojko, Susan Auch, Donovan Bailey, Adam Kreek, Beckie Scott, etc.

Famous personalities like Julie Payette and Guy Laliberté, will come together for a good cause at the event and Cirque du Soleil will salute high level athletes with an artistic performance.

For Marcel Aubut, “The presence of athletes in such large numbers and the incredible support from Quebec’s main stakeholders from the economic, political, cultural and sports sectors show our ability to rally for a good cause.”

As a reminder, the conference luncheon for the President of the International Olympic Committee, Dr. Jacques Rogge, will take place May 22, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. at the Centre de foires de Québec under the Honorary Presidency of Mr. George Cope, President and CEO of Bell Canada and BCE Inc.

All proceeds will benefit young athletes and sports organizations and will be distributed among four organizations – Conseil québécois du sport de haut niveau, Fondation olympique, Fondation Desjardins and Fondation Nordiques. For more information, contact Fondation Nordiques at 418-529-8441 or

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