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Give Your Everything – Be a Champion for Life

Give Your Everything – Be a Champion for Life


With a focus on mental fitness needs (Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness) and the Olympic values (Excellence, Friendship and Respect), students will explore their passions, interests and skills with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity.

Student Outcomes

Students learn about mental fitness and its connection to Olympic values through class discussions, athlete stories, writing assignments and other fun activities.

Special Features

The resource features interactive activities, class handouts, and athlete stories to help students understand the concept of mental fitness through multiple learning channels.

Teacher’s Guide


The Teacher’s Guide provides in-depth information and definitions explaining mental fitness, its components and contributors. The link between Olympic values and mental fitness is established, and class activities focused on improving and understanding mental fitness are provided.

Special Features

Leading research in the field of mental fitness is included in the resource, as well as explanations of activities teachers can run for students.

Highlight Book


The Highlight book allows students to track their highlights and activities in a convenient, fun workbook.

Student Outcomes

Students learn to notice and keep track of highlights as the workbook forces them to be conscious of their occurrence.

Special Features

The highlight book provides a fun, visually appealing resource for students to track highlights and get excited about the activity.

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