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Heidi Northcott

Heidi Northcott’s career highlight was pitching a no-hitter against the Netherlands at the 2014 IBAF World Cup. Canada won the…

Claire Eccles

Claire Eccles’ baseball dream started when she was given a computer game called Backyard Baseball 2002 for her fifth birthday….

Jessica Bérubé

Jessica Bérubé joined the Women’s National Baseball Team in 2009 and competed at the 2010 and 2012 editions of the…

Kelsey Lalor

Kelsey Lalor has dreamed of wearing the maple leaf on her chest for as long as she can remember. Watching…

Becky Hartley

Becky Hartley had enjoyed a successful softball career before transitioning to baseball in 2010. She had competed at the 2006…

Jenna Flannigan

While growing up, Jenna Flannigan’s role models were all players on the national softball team because of their talent, dedication,…

Ella Matteucci

The biggest highlight of Ella Matteucci’s career thus far has been pitching against Japan at the 2014 IBAF World Cup….

Bradi Wall

Growing up, Bradi Wall had always wanted to play for Team Canada in Olympic ice hockey, but that dream quickly…


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