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Nation’s curling body rocks a new look

February 28, 2015

Nation’s curling body rocks a new look

Canada is undoubtedly the world’s most dominant curling country and on Friday the national body that governs Canadian success revealed a…

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Top Team Canada Fans

Dirk Viemann

Current Level


  • Total: 1009 points
  • Earned this week: 1009 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 241 points

Matthew Tully

Current Level


  • Total: 710 points
  • Earned this week: 710 points
  • Next Level: Captain
  • Needed: 40 points

Bekki Draper

Current Level


  • Total: 699 points
  • Earned this week: 679 points
  • Next Level: Captain
  • Needed: 51 points

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