Canada moves on to quarterfinal at FIFA Women’s World Cup
Team selected as men’s softball returns to Pan Am Games

Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe is the longest-serving member of Team Canada, having first joined the Men’s National Team in 2000 for the…

Andy Skelton

Andy Skelton played a key role in Canada’s gold medal performance at the 2012 Pan American Championship, earning the win…

Kevin Schellenberg

Kevin Schellenberg got his first taste of the international game in 2004 when he suited up for Canada at the…

Jason Sanford

Veteran defensive catcher Jason Sanford was added to the Men’s National Team Athlete Pool in 2008 and went on to…

Mathieu Roy

Since joining the Men’s National Team Program in 2011, Mathieu Roy has become a dangerous lead-off hitter. He got his…

Stephen Mullaley

Stephen Mullaley has been a member of Team Canada since 2007, which includes two appearances at the ISF Men’s World…

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