Maracanã Zone

The Maracanã Zone is located in the heart of Rio, on the edge of the city centre.

Maracanã Stadium

Opened for the 1950 FIFA World Cup, it has a seating capacity of more than 78,000, making it the largest stadium in South America. It will host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as some soccer matches.

Maracanãzinho Arena

Right next door to Maracana Stadium, “Little Maracana” is the traditional home of volleyball in Brazil and will seat 9000 spectators for the sport.

Julio de Lamare Aquatic Park

Located within the Maracana Precinct, it will host some of the Olympic water polo matches.

João Havelange Olympic Stadium

Built for the 2007 Pan American Games, it will have the seating capacity increased from 45,000 to 60,000 to host the Olympic athletics events. The stadium was named in honour of Havelange, the former president of FIFA (1974-98) who was a two-time Olympian in swimming and water polo.


Home of the annual Carnival parade, it will seat 6000 for archery, but 30,000 spectators are expected to line the 600m straight that will serve as the start/finish for the marathons.

Olympic Club

Top Team Canada Fans

Dirk Viemann

Current Level


  • Total: 1322 points
  • Earned this week: 1322 points
  • Next Level: Bronze
  • Needed: 678 points

Blair Munn

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  • Total: 1159 points
  • Earned this week: 1159 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 91 points

Matthew Tully

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  • Total: 1033 points
  • Earned this week: 1033 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 217 points

Ally Oppedisano

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  • Total: 847 points
  • Earned this week: 847 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 403 points

Anette Nossiter

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  • Total: 751 points
  • Earned this week: 751 points
  • Next Level: All-Star
  • Needed: 499 points

Bekki Draper

Current Level


  • Total: 699 points
  • Earned this week: 679 points
  • Next Level: Captain
  • Needed: 51 points

Dominic Tremblay

Current Level


  • Total: 687 points
  • Earned this week: 687 points
  • Next Level: Captain
  • Needed: 63 points

Mark Andrew

Current Level


  • Total: 679 points
  • Earned this week: 627 points
  • Next Level: Captain
  • Needed: 71 points

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