When thinking about outfits for the Olympic Games this summer, most people would picture shorts and tank tops.

This week, the Hudson’s Bay Olympic and Paralympic collection was revealed through a Facebook Live event featuring 20 athletes. The collection includes several hoodies, pants, jackets and a very stylish scarf. Some have asked why they are part of the clothing selection going to a warm country like Brazil.

Team Canada’s Rio collection unveiled by Hudson’s Bay

Well it turns out, August is the second coldest month in Brazil and looking at historic temperatures, it can be pretty low at night. During the Olympic Games in August, the city will be going through its winter season. Temperatures are usually near the historic average low of 18°C, but can get cooler.


While several Canadian athletes will compete in skimpy outfits during the day, at night they’ll want something a little cozier. The highs in Rio have hit 32°C during the day, but the mercury has also dropped down to 13°C, the perfect sweatpants and hoodie weather.

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Another look at some of the ‘warm’ items in the collection here:

Fans can pick up the Team Canada collection at Hudson’s Bay online to support the athletes, and to dress like an Olympian. The full collection will be available May 4 across Hudson’s Bay stores.

The Team Canada-Hudson’s Bay partnership won’t just keep athletes warm while looking stylish on cool nights in Copacabana, sales also help them directly. To date since 2006, HBC Foundation has contributed more than $42 million toward athletes.