Athletes from around the world are dressed for success at Rio 2016.

With the Games about to begin, here’s a peek at what several countries will be sporting around the Olympic Village and on the field of play.


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We know Team Canada is ready for Rio with a brand new line of Olympic wear from Hudson’s Bay, hailed by some as the best uniform at Rio 2016. Check out the full kit launch here.

Great Britain

Team GB’s tricolour competition kits from Stella McCartney and Adidas are highlighted by a new heraldic coat of arms… and Tom Daley’s abs.


A new look for Sweden gives new life to the traditional yellow and blue, courtesy of varied shades and asymmetrical patterns.


Germany and Adidas go hand in hand, as does the minimal and bold look they’ve gone for this year.


Christian Louboutin designed Team Cuba’s kits with a chic jacket and pant pairing. Behold the shoes!

Trinidad and Tobago

Another simple and clean look from Adidas, this time for Team TTO.


Scarves, ties and pinstriped blazers make Team Australia’s Opening Ceremony look timeless, but typical.

United States

It’s all about the red, white and blue for Team USA. The preppy look makes them prepared for both walking into the stadium and a round of golf.


You can’t get more Italian than Armani… which is exactly what Italia Team will be wearing at the Games.


Fedoras! Team Spain is bringing them back.


More minimal than Japan’s garments in previous years, they’ve got a mixture of solid colours and dainty patterns.


You can’t have a fashion show without Team France, who are coming in with super clean, super simplistic designs.

South Korea

Suits and ties and hats for formal occasions, track suits for the rest.

New Zealand

The Kiwisi are bringing all-black to the international stage once again.


Team Brazil are ready to host the world in their summer floral patterns and fancy blazers.