The cold weather is here and despite the snow, ice and colds, we love this season.

Here are the Top 10 places to go skating and enjoy some winter fun.

1. Rideau Canal – Ottawa, Canada

Every winter since 1970, the Rideau Canal has welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world to come and skate. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest natural ice rink in the world with 7.8 km of ice crisscrossing downtown Ottawa. This is THE destination skating not to be missed.

2. Yosemite National Park – California, USA

California is best known for warm weather, palm trees, and celebrities, but it is also home to some of the best snow and ice in the United States. Open since 1930, the Yosemite National Park Ice Rink offers activities for all in the heart of nature in this beautiful corner of the country.

3. Tower of London Skating Rink – London, England

A beautiful mix of history and modernity. The home of the Crown Jewels will transport you to an era filled with legend, drama and royalty. Perhaps you will find your prince charming there!

4. Lake Louise – Alberta, Canada

Nothing is more magical than being able to skate with the Victoria Glacier as a backdrop! Not to mention the fact that an ice castle is erected on the lake to make the atmosphere even more enchanting. Take the opportunity to try the sport that made Canada famous on one of the ice hockey sections.

5. Vienna Ice World – Vienna, Austria

From January to March, the facade of City Hall becomes the backdrop of the Vienna Ice World. The atmosphere and décor of a fairy tale is the hallmark of this exceptional skating and curling venue. You do not have to be a great skater to feel like the Ice Princess.

6. Molson Ice Rink

In 2015, Molson crafted a professional ice rink on a frozen lake at the top of a British Columbia mountain for its #AnythingForHockey contest. Eleven lucky people lived the unique experience of being transported to this ephemeral rink for a hockey game.

Molson repeated the experience the following year by building a skating rink on the roof of a building in the heart of downtown Toronto.

7. Lake Weissensee – Carinthia, Austria

The Weissensee Skating School offers all its figure skating and speed skating classes on this natural ice rink. If you dream of becoming the next Patrick Chan or transforming yourself into Valérie Maltais for a day, this is your chance.

8. Dubai Ice Rink – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Team Canada - Dubai skating rink


Take a break from the desert and intense heat as you cool off on the Olympic-sized indoor ice rink, open year-round. Dubai impresses us once again with their total commitment to outrageous projects.

9. Red Square – Moscow, Russia

Team Canada - Red Square Rink

The Red Square is considered by many as the place par excellence to live the magic of Christmas. The central square of the Russian capital is illuminated and is occupied all winter by this 3000 square meter ice rink that attracts nearly 56,000 visitors each year.

10. Rockefeller Center – New York, USA

It probably will not surprise you to find out that this is the best-known rink in North America. This reputation is based mainly on the location of this rink. Remember that the Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular attractions of the Big Apple in both summer and winter.