The COC Olympic Values have been established to remind athletes and their supporters that the life skills and experience obtained through athletic preparation, competition and teamwork are far more valuable than any medal ever awarded.

We believe in the right of all people to pursue their personal levels of excellence.

We believe in sport being fun.

We believe in fairness on and off the field of play, as characterized by equality, integrity and trust.

We believe in free and open communication and respect for the views, role and contribution of all.

Human Development
We believe that the short and long term physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being of all should be enhanced through appropriate behavior and practices. We also believe that the visual and performing arts complement sport in the development of that well-being.

We believe those who participate in sport have a responsibility to teach and apply the values of the Olympic Movement, involving others in the Olympic experience and inspiring and empowering them to reach their potential.

We believe in sport as a vehicle to promote understanding and harmony within and among nations.