Standing Clean

It was an offer you could not refuse. You were invited to work for the Canadian Olympic Committee’s (COC) communication team at the Olympic Games. A mere two days earlier, all of Canada celebrated the first Canadian medal, silver. Now rumours are circulating among the media that the gold medallist has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in a subsequent event. To respond to the growing demand for an official response, the International Olympic Committee is hosting a media conference in only a few hours time. You and the COC communications team will need to be ready to respond. It is ‘all hands on deck’ to prepare to face the world’s media!

Student Outcomes

Students learn about the practical application of communications skills during a media crisis, as well as background information on performance enhancing drugs and their regulation.

Special Features

The resource includes firsthand athlete accounts of their encounters with doping in their sport, background information on doping regulations as well as communication strategies, and a fully developed case task for students to complete.