The Vancouver 10-year Anniversary Series

During the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, our nation witnessed a Canadian Olympic Team that was first-class, not just in gold medals, but in character. Canadians everywhere witnessed the incredible stories of perseverance, courage, respect, leadership, friendship and inclusion. Our athletes were driven by their values and their commitment, and their unrelenting quest for excellence through the friendship of sport. This is the legacy of Vancouver 2010 and it will forever be ingrained in Canadians’ hearts and minds. 

To honor the legacy of the Games, the Canadian Olympic School Program is proud to present The Vancouver 10-year anniversary series. The original series created in 2010 are being relaunched in celebration of the incredible stories witnessed throughout the Games. 

Using the My Vancouver 2010 Olympic Journal, students will discover the top moments of Vancouver 2010 while, reflecting on insightful Olympic-based journal topics.

Click on the Featured Olympians to download their stories and inspire students to live by the values displayed by them.

Alex Bilodeau – Inclusion

Clara Hughes – Healthy Choices

John Morris – Healthy Active Living

Maëlle Ricker – Respect 

Joannie Rochette – Courage