Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) is a leading supporter of Canadian athletes and is dedicated to helping out athletes be their best. Since becoming the Official Outfitter of the Canadian Olympic Team, HBC has donated more than $35 million with the help of its associates and customers to support athletes through the Canadian Olympic Foundation and other national sport organizations and initiatives.

The Red Mittens Campaign, a signature of HBC’s, launched in 2009 in support of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.  The initial response was so overwhelming that the Red Mittens became the iconic item for Canadians as the Games were celebrated on home soil.  Athletes, Celebrities, Media personalities, Politicians, and Fans wore them as a badge for their support of the Canadian Olympians.  They were, and still are, a symbol of Canadian pride.

Due to the initial success of the Red Mittens, HBC in partnership with the COC created a sustainable marketing property that has reinvented itself in the years following. Building off the success of the tremendously popular red mittens campaign, items such as the red sunglasses were born and continue today. Similar to the mittens, one third of the proceeds from each pair sold will go directly to supporting high performance sport and athletes in Canada.