Canadian Olympic Committee update on Canadian delegation and COVID-19 testing at Beijing 2022

BEIJING (February 3, 2022) — The following statement is updated information related to COVID-19 protocols at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games:

“Currently 1 out of the 414 members of the Team Canada delegation in Beijing are in COVID-19 protocols that impact their ability to fulfill their role at Games. We are managing each one on a case-by-case basis and to respect the privacy of the people involved we will not be sharing names at this time. Part of our strategy was to arrive early to allow time for confirmation testing and, if necessary, the Medical Expert Panel process to unfold.

“Members of Team Canada’s delegation include athletes, coaches and mission team. In the event of a confirmed positive case that results in an athlete being unable to compete, we will respect the athlete’s privacy and not announce their name without their consent. In the event they do wish to disclose their situation, we will work with them to do so.”

– Canadian Olympic Committee



Josh Su
Team Canada’s Press Operations Lead
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Thomas Hall
Team Canada’s Communications Lead and Press Secretary
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