A non-profit organization, Olympians Canada is dedicated to helping Canadian Olympians establish contact or reunite with one another all across the country. Through the program, not only can Olympic athletes remember and celebrate their achievements in sport, but they can also promote the Olympic Movement for the benefit of future Olympians.

Olympians Canada is committed to promoting the concept of Olympism as a way of life for all, a vision it shares with both the Canadian Olympic Committee and the World Olympians Association. Within the mission of Olympians Canada is the aim of educating Olympians on their ability to be role models in society, building a spirit of fraternity among them, and contributing to sport and the community.

Olympians Canada publishes a regular newsletter that provides a way to keep in touch with the Canadian Olympic Team past and present. It features news and information for Canadian Olympians, upcoming events and exciting initiatives. If you, or any fellow Olympian, is interested in receiving this publication, please send details to olympians@olympic.ca.

Also on Olympic.ca is an upcoming feature called “Where Are They Now” that reconnects with Canadian Olympians from the past. If you have any suggestions on featured athletes, please email where@olympic.ca.

Full contact information for Olympians Canada:

Olympians Canada Secretariat
21 St Clair avenue E.
Suite 900, Toronto, ON
M4T 1L9
Tel: 416-324-4136
Fax: 416-967-4902