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About the Canadian Olympic School Program

About the Canadian Olympic School Program

The Canadian Olympic School Program (COSP) has operated since 1987, and provides teachers and students across Canada with Olympic-themed classroom and school resources.

Program Primary Objectives:

  • Promote the Olympic values and inspire the application of these values in the lives of Canadian teachers and students daily
  • Increase awareness of the Canadian Olympic Team amongst teachers and students nationwide (sharing stories of the Canadian Olympians journey)
  • Engage Canadians in the Olympic Movement

Secondary Objectives

  • Promote healthy active living at all levels
  • Challenge students to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles through healthy behaviours such as: reducing screen time to less than 2 hours a day; eating 5 to 8 servings of vegetable and fruit; daily physical activity and focusing on positive thoughts that lead to a belief in self.

2013-2014 Resources: Now Available

The resources available for the 2013-2014 school year include 10 Modules, targeting students (grade 2 to grade 12 levels). Students will participate in activities with a focus on physical and mental fitness and the Olympic values that will result in greater knowledge and enthusiasm for the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The 2013-2014 school and classroom resources will include 8 educational modules that can be integrated or implemented individually as they complement the provincial education curricula.

Teacher’s Guide / Overview of COSP
Purpose: To provide teachers with the guidelines in order to best maximize the use of the Canadian Olympic School Program in support of the provincial educational curricula.

Be a Champion for Life: Fostering Positive Body-Image
Purpose: To introduce students to Canadian Olympians with a focus on adopting and maintaining healthy active lifestyles and having a positive self-perception of their own body. Expanding on the 2012-2013 classroom resource Give Your Everything: Get Active, athletes’ journeys and coach stories will be used as a means to feature and promote physical activity and sport.

Be a Champion For Life: Celebrating Daily Highlights (Mental Fitness)
Purpose: With a focus on mental fitness needs (Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness) and the Olympic values (Excellence, Friendship and Respect), students will explore their passions, interests, skills with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. Building on the framework of the 2012-2013 Give Your Everything: Be a Champion For Life classroom resource, teachers and students will be introduced to athlete narratives.

Comprehensive Health and Training Journal
Purpose: To Provide students with the skills and knowledge towards developing and maintaining active and healthy lifestyles. Building on the success of the 2012 Training Log, the 2013 edition will offer more advice and tips from members on the Health Services Team, training advice from Canadian Olympians; and new articles (narratives) and activities with a focus on comprehensive health and well-being.

Sochi 2014 Class Resources
Purpose: To provide students with a journal featuring Canadian Olympian narratives. The My Podium Pages Student Journal will introduce students to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the Opening and Closing Ceremony, the Winter Olympic Games sport programme as well as Canadian Olympians and Olympic hopefuls. Students will be asked to reflect on different components of the Winter Olympic Games schedule, activities and sport events. The GO CANADA Bulletin Board is meant to generate excitement about the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in your classroom. The bulletin board is composed of interactive elements that will help you and your students track the progress of Canadian Olympians as they live their Olympic dream in Sochi.

Destination Sochi
Purpose: To provide students and teachers with facts and information about the city of Sochi, including a brief historical perspective of the city, its landmarks, culture and attractions. Students will then use this information to design a tour package for a weeklong trip to Sochi that will include experiencing the Winter Olympic Games as well as the Cultural Olympiad in Sochi.

Social Media Study
Purpose: Using an understanding of traditional and new media, students will develop a media campaign to promote the Sochi 2014 Olympic  Winter Games and Cultural Olympiad that features both past and current Canadian Olympians.

Olympic Day Toolkit
Purpose: To provide suggested activities in creating and implementing a mini Olympic Games in schools and clubs, with a focus on the history of Olympic Day, the Olympic values, and youth engagement in the Olympic Movement. 

Contact Us

Canadian Olympic School Program
21 St. Clair Avenue E., Suite 900
Toronto, ON Canada, M4T 1L9

Telephone: (416) 324-5003

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