Momentum – A Team Canada Podcast

Momentum - Listen to the new Team Canada podcast

Welcome to Momentum, the new podcast brought to you by Team Canada.

In our first season, called “Watch This!”, host and Olympian Arianne Jones will dive into conversations with some of the driven, passionate and inspiring women of Team Canada on the road to Paris 2024.

Featured Athletes

Host: Arianne Jones

Momentum - Arianne Jones

Guest: Skylar Park

Momentum - Skylar Park

Guest: Alannah Yip
Sport Climbing

Momentum - Alannah Yip

Guest: Maggie Mac Neil

Momentum - Maggie Mac Neil

Guest: Paige Crozon
3×3 Basketball

Momentum - Paige Crozon

Guest: Diana Matheson

Momentum - Diana Matheson

The French companion show of Momentum is called Propulsion. In the first season, called “Mon parcours”, host Justine Dufour-Lapointe will be exploring similar women’s sport themes along with guests Katerine Savard, Leylah Fernandez and Jennifer Abel.