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The Canadian Olympic Foundation is where the power of sport, our national pride and the impact of philanthropy intersect to make Olympic Dreams become a reality. As the official charitable organization of Team Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee, we aim to inspire Canadians to believe in their own potential, through sport and Olympic values.

Every day, athletes across our country prove that determination and teamwork can result in great accomplishments.  Our home-grown athletes also demonstrate our uniquely Canadian traits to the world as they pursue their Olympic aspirations.

Philanthropic support allows the Canadian Olympic Foundation to make tangible investments in people, infrastructure, and science, but well beyond that, together we invest in something undefinable that shines in the faces of those who glow with confidence, national pride, and the knowledge that to be Canadian means something positive. On every podium, behind every record and lifting of Team Canada to new heights, stand generous donors.

We are all a team – Team Canada – and when we support Canadian athletes, we rise as a nation, stand a little prouder, and collectively draw a little nearer to reaching our dreams.

Your Impact on Team Canada

When you support Canadian athletes, we all rise as a nation. Through your generous support Team Canada athletes are enabled to reach their fullest potential. Your gifts make an extraordinary impact on the lives of our athletes as they continue to make us proud.

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