Thank you for considering a donation to the Canadian Olympic Foundation. Below are various ways in which you can support high performance Canadian athletes, coaches, sports and the sport system.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation is a registered charity.
Charitable Registration Number: 817729346RR0001

Donate now

Your support will have an immediate impact on Canadian athletes. Make an online donation. To thank you for your donation, donors giving $50+ will receive a quarterly e-newsletter.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation also accepts Gifts of Securities.

Corporate giving

The Canadian Olympic Foundation is pleased to offer corporate donors the opportunity to support high performance athletes, coaches, sport and the sport system. In return for your generous philanthropic gift, the COF can coordinate athlete visits with your team, use of the COF logo for non-marketing purposes, print recognition, access to at-Games hospitality, Athlete Awards or Scholarships, etc.  (Benefits are in accordance to level of donation).

For more information, please contact Katie Cheesbrough, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at or (416) 324-4130.

Major gifts

The Canadian Olympic Foundation invites donors to make a significant and lasting impact on sports in Canada by making a sizable investment in sport. There are a few different ways in which you can choose to help.

Investing in Sport – The Canadian Olympic Foundation is pleased to help you select a program or multiple programs that best fit with your interests in sport.

Awards – By creating an award, you can provide immediate support to a talented athlete or coach. This is a wonderful way to get involved.

For more information on these initiatives, please contact Selga Apse, Director of Business Operations, or (416) 324 4297.

Future Olympians Fund

The road to success for our young athletes is a long one. Aside from hard work, determination and grueling hours, this road requires resources, facilities and funds. The Canadian Olympic Foundation is pleased to partner with Gold Medal Plates for the Future Olympians Fund. This initiative will support the future of sport in our country by raising $4 million in four years to invest in our emerging podium athletes and the podium pipeline.

Click here for more information, or contact Lauren Adams, Development Coordinator, or (416) 324-5007.

Planned giving

Planning a legacy gift to the Canadian Olympic Foundation demonstrates your love of sport and your investment in high performance athletes and the Canadian sport system. Your commitment for the future will celebrate Canadian excellence in high performance sport for new generations of athletes.

A legacy gift allows you the satisfaction and joy of knowing that you are contributing to the ongoing success of the Canadian Olympic movement and will not affect your income during your lifetime. In addition, gifts made to charitable organizations will offer significant tax benefits and a bequest to the COF will reduce the amount of taxes owed by your estate.


By creating an endowed gift, a donor can help create a sustained source of funding. Funds in the Endowment are held in perpetuity; the income derived from these investments provides a long-term and predictable source of support.

An endowed gift is an investment in the future of Canadian high performance sport. A strong endowment will ensure that the Canadian Olympic Foundation can continue to supports our talented athletes, coaches, sports and sport systems for years to come.

We invite you to be a part of our future with an investment in the Endowment or with the establishment of a named fund.

To make an Endowment gift to the Foundation or for more information, please contact please contact Selga Apse, Director of Business Operations, at (416) 324 4297 or