We believe in building sport.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation is committed to supporting the growth of the sport system in Canada.

We recognize that without a robust system in place to support athletes and coaches, our top athletic talents will not be free to focus on what matters most: training and pursuing their Olympic dreams.

The programs and organizations we support in this category support both current Olympians as well as future Olympians, and include:


The Canadian Olympic Foundation launched the Sport Endowment for Excellence and Development (SEED) fund in late 2014. Through the SEED fund, the COF acts as the ‘community foundation’ for national sport federations (NSF) and other sport partners by investing, managing and disbursing their funds.

The Funds invested provide the NSFs and sport partners with stable, long-term predictable funding each year and is not subject to government funding models or podium performance. Throughout 2015, the SEED fund has grown to $3 million.

OLY COC London 2012


Endowment funds are an important tool that help organizations to build capacity while ensuring longevity. Our endowment provides long-term financial stability and ensures that programs, athletes and coaches will be supported despite any economic downturns or other unforeseen circumstances.  The Canadian Olympic Foundation launched our endowment in December 2014. The fund has grown from the initial investment of $3 million to $5 million since that time.

The COF’s endowment fund is internally restricted. The COF’s board of directors annually determine where best to grant the interest earned. Our mandate is to invest in programs and projects that will have the greatest positive impact on Canadian high-performance sport.