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Huynh finds podium again
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By cdnolympicteam

Chants of “Go Carol, Go” echoed in ExCel as 2008 Olympic champ  Carol Huynh fought her way to a bronze medal match Wednesday beating Isabell Sambou of Senegal with a score of 3-0 in the 48kg class.

“I feel amazing. I feel happy, I feel relieved,” said Huynh. “At the end of that match, I was feeling of course elated that I’d won another medal for Canada but at the same time I wanted to go out with a little more flare, but I’ll take it.”

Huynh’s coach Paul Rasug said she is a legend in the sport.

“She’s one of the hardest workers,” he said. “She’s an inspiration to all athletes, she is a great ambassador and at the end of the day a really great human being and I can’t think of anyone this could happen to that doesn’t deserve it more.”

Canadian Olympic Team Mark

By cdnolympicteam

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