The Canadian Olympic Committee ‘Session’ consists of a representative of each National Sport Federation governing a sport on the official programs of the Olympic, Olympic Winter, or Pan American Games; the IOC Members in Canada; the members of the Athletes’ Commission Executive; a Coaches representative; the Chair of the Canadian Olympic Foundation; the International Federation Presidents resident in Canada; twelve Directors-at-large; and two Canadian Olympians. At present, the Session comprises 77 voting members.

Pat Aldous
A Member, Rugby Canada

Susan Auch
A Member, Speed Skating Canada

Jim Baba
B Member, Baseball Canada

Paul Barrett
A Member, Canadian Weightlifting Federation

Fred Blaney
B Member

Patrice Brunet
B Member

Jeff Christie
D Member

Jamie Coatsworth
A Member, Cross-Country Ski de Fond Canada

Charmaine Crooks
B Member

David de Vlieger
B Member, Olympic Supporter

Martha Deacon
A Member, Badminton Canada

Joe Drago
A Member, Hockey Canada

Tony Eames
A Member, Tennis Canada

Mark Eckert
A Member, Volleyball Canada

Christian Farstad
B Member

Pat Fiacco
A Member, Canadian Amateur Boxing Association

Steve Frangos
A Member, Climbing Canada  

Debra Gassewitz
B Member      

Cheryl Gibson
A Member, Swimming Canada Natation

Peter Giles
B Member

Nicolas Gill
A Member, Judo Canada

Benoit Girardin
B Member

Brad Goldie
A Member, Canadian Fencing Federation

Inaki Gomez
D Member

Conrad Hadubiak
A Member, Water Polo Canada

Steve Harris
A Member, Canadian Luge Association

Eva Havaris
A Member, Equestrian Canada Équestre

Keith Hickman
B Member, Roller Sports Canada

Peter Inch
A Member, Canadian Curling Association

Catherine Innes
B Member, Canadian Tenpin Federation

David Jackson
A Member, Canadian Table Tennis Association

Patrick Jarvis
A Member, Canada Snowboard

John Kerr
A Member, Canadian Yachting Association

Shaun LaGrange
A Member, Pentathlon Canada

Pierre Lafontaine
A Member, Canadian Cycling Association

Lorraine Lafrenière
B Member, Coaching Association of Canada

Darlene MacDonald
A Member, Taekwondo Canada

Rosie MacLennan
D Member

Andy Mah
A Member, Nordic Combined Ski Canada

Martha McCabe
D Member

John Mills
A Member, Canada Basketball

Peter Nicol
A Member, Gymnastics Canada

Wendy Pattenden
B Member

Mark Pearson
D Member

Les Pereira
A Member, Triathlon Canada

Peter Person
B Member, Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

Raquel Pedercini
A Member, Canadian Team Handball Federation

Ann Peel
A Member

Gordon Peterson
A Member, Canadian Amateur Diving Association

Stephen G. Podborski
B Member

Richard W. Pound
C Member

Kevin Quinn
A Member, Softball Canada

Steven Reed
A Member, Canada Soccer

Tom Reid
A Member, Ski Jumping Canada

Sherry Robertson
B Member

Bruce Robinson
A Member, Canadian Freestyle Ski Association

Mark Rubinstein
A Member, Alpine Canada

Wayne Russell
B Member

Don Ryan
A Member, Wrestling Canada

Jeff Sauvé
A Member, Field Hockey Canada

Henry Scheil
A Member, Synchro Canada

Walter Sieber
B Member

Seyi Smith
D Member

Tricia Smith
C Member

Gwen Smoluk
B Member, Racquetball Canada

Sarah Storey
A Member, Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton

Jeff Thompson
A Member, Golf Canada

Trevor Tiffany
B Member

Susan Verdier
A Member, Shooting Federation of Canada

Craig Vokey
A Member, Karate Canada

Casey Wade
A Member, CanoeKayak Canada

Mike Walker
A Member, Rowing Canada

Hayley Wickenheiser
C Member

Al Wills
A Member, Archery Canada

Dan Wolfenden
B Member, Squash Canada

Murray Wylie
A Member, Biathlon Canada

Shae Zukiwsky
A Member, Skate Canada

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