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Deodoro Zone

Located in the western part of the city, the Deodoro Zone has the largest military concentration in Latin America with 60,000 servicemen and women.

Rio X Park Venues

Olympic BMX Centre

A new, permanent BMX track will be constructed with seating for 7500 spectators.

Olympic Mountain Bike Park

An approximately 6000m long course will go past a temporary stadium with seating for 5000 while there is standing room for another 20,000 spectators.

Olympic Whitewater Stadium

A new, permanent canoe/kayak slalom course will be built with seating for 8000 spectators.

Non-Rio X Park Venues

Deodoro Arena

A new venue with seating for 5000 will host basketball.

Rugby and Modern Pentathlon Arena

Two venues will be part of one operational complex during the Games. A permanent venue will host the fencing portion of modern pentathlon, while a temporary venue with seating for 20,000 will be built on an existing polo field to host the equestrian and combined (running/shooting) events of modern pentathlon.

Modern Pentathlon Aquatic Centre

Hosting the swimming portion of modern pentathlon, it will have temporary seating for 2000 spectators. The three modern pentathlon venues will be approximately 300m apart, allowing for easy travel between them.

National Equestrian Centre

Built for the 2007 Pan American Games, it is used daily by the Brazilian Army Equestrian School and will seat 20,000 spectators.

National Shooting Centre

Built for the 2007 Pan American Games, it is now used for training of the Brazilian Armed Forces and will have seating for 500 to 2000 spectators, depending on the event.

Olympic Hockey Centre

The primary field hockey pitch will have seating for 10,000 spectators. Post-Games it will be part of the Olympic Training Centre.

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