Canadian Olympic Committee Appoints Beckie Scott to VANOC Board of Directors

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) announced today that it has appointed two-time Olympic medallist, International Olympic Committee (IOC) member and IOC Athletes’ Commission member Beckie Scott to the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC).

Scott became eligible to sit on the VANOC Board following her appointment as an IOC member in February. The VANOC governing bylaws state that all Canadian IOC members are to be included in the COC’s appointments to the Board. The COC has the right to appoint seven persons to the Board. In order to create a position for Scott’s appointment, two-time Olympic gold medallist Catriona Le May Doan has graciously agreed to resign her position on the Board. The effective date of Scott’s appointment will be prior to the next VANOC Board meeting in July.

“The COC is pleased to appoint Beckie Scott to the VANOC Board of Directors,” said COC President Michael Chambers. “We look forward to Beckie providing a unique perspective on athlete issues leading up to 2010. We are confident that her Olympic Winter Games experience, IOC Athletes’ Commission voice and unparalleled anti-doping advocacy background will be a great asset to the VANOC Board.”

In 2002, Scott, from Vermilion, Alta., became the first North American woman to win an Olympic medal in cross-country skiing. She joins six other COC representatives on the VANOC Board including Chambers, Vice-President Walter Sieber, five-time Olympian and 1984 Olympic silver medallist Charmaine Crooks, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Westcoast Energy Inc. Michael Phelps, IOC member Richard Pound and Chief Executive Officer Chris Rudge.

Scott was elected to the IOC Athletes’ Commission on February 23 during the final week of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Following a formal approval process by the IOC Board, she became Canada’s second IOC member, joining Pound.

“I am honoured to have been invited by the Canadian Olympic Committee to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games,” said Scott. “Over the past three years, Catriona Le May Doan has done an outstanding job representing the interests of all athletes competing in 2010. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working alongside many exceptional sport and business leaders who serve on the VANOC board and I will endeavour to build on the foundation left by Catriona.”

A four-time Olympian, Le May Doan was appointed to the VANOC Board of Directors in September 2003.

“I’d like to thank the Canadian Olympic Committee for granting me this unique opportunity to be a part of the planning process for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games,” said Le May Doan. “The 2010 Games in Vancouver will showcase the very best in Canadian sport and I am confident that Beckie’s experience, character and integrity will be a valuable asset to the VANOC Board of Directors.”

“On behalf of the Canadian Olympic Committee, I’d like to express our sincere appreciation to Catriona Le May Doan for her contribution to the success of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games as a member of the VANOC Board over the course of the past three years,” added Chambers.

“Catriona’s membership on the VANOC Board from its beginning in 2003 to now provided the Board with the necessary specialized insight into the Games requirements of an Olympic winter athlete. We look forward to her continued involvement in the Olympic Movement.”

The VANOC Board of Directors consists of a total of 20 members nominated by the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the COC, the Canadian Paralympic Committee and local First Nations.

Oct. 30
Central Saanich, B.C.: Allison Forsyth, alpine skiing (2002)
Central Saanich, B.C.: Erinne Willock, cycling (2008)
Central Saanich, B.C.: Adam Kreek, rowing (2008, 2004, gold)
Central Saanich, B.C.: Andrew Byrnes, rowing, (2008, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Derek Porter, rowing (2000, 1996, 1992, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Dominic Seiterle, rowing (2008, 2000, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Jake Wetzel, rowing (2008, 2004, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Kevin Light, rowing (2008, 2004, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Kyle Hamilton, rowing (2008, 2004, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Linda Schaumleffel, rowing (1976)
Saanich, B.C.: Malcolm Howard, rowing (2008, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Brian Price, rowing (2008, 2004, gold)
Saanich, B.C.: Silken Laumann, rowing (1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, silver)

Oct. 31
Colwood, B.C.: Seamus McGrath, cycling (2008, 2004)
Cowichan Bay, B.C.: Carolyn Murray, triathlon (2008)
Ladysmith, B.C.: Susan Kelsey, swimming (1976, bronze)

Nov. 1
Hilliers, B.C.: Yvonne Visser, biathlon (1992)
Nanaimo, B.C.: Dan Norman, canoe/kayak (1992)
Port Alberni, B.C.: Travis Cross, wrestling (2008)
Tofino, B.C.: Aleisha Cline, ski cross (2010 hopeful)

Nov. 2
Cumberland, B.C.: Andrea Stapff, rowing (1984, 1980)

Nov. 4
Inuvik, N.W.T.: Joan Groothuysen, cross-country skiing (1980, 1976)
Inuvik, N.W.T.: Sharon Firth, cross-country skiing (1984, 1980, 1976, 1972)

Nov. 10
Gaspé, Que.: Camille Huard, boxing (1976)
Sept-Îles, Que.: Guillaume Leblanc, athletics (1992, 1988, 1984, silver)
Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam, Que.: Serge Roy, ice hockey (1988)

Nov. 13
St. John’s, Nfld.: Mike Adam, curling (2006, gold)

Nov. 14
Harbour Grace, Nfld.: Donald Bartlett, curling (2002, silver)

Nov. 15
Pasadena, Nfld.: Jane Rumball, rowing (2008)

Nov. 16
Baddeck, N.S.: Julia Riyard, canoe/kayak (2000)

Mabou, N.S.: Peter Giles, canoe/kayak (1996)

Nov. 17
Antigonish, N.S.: Eric Gillis, athletics (2008)

Truro, N.S.: Gary Macdonald, swimming (1976, silver)

Nov. 18
Halifax: Gary Macdonald, swimming (1976, silver)
Halifax: Sidney Crosby, ice hockey (2010 hopeful)
Waverley, N.S.: Steve Giles, canoe/kayak (2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, gold)

Nov. 19
Lunenburg, N.S.: Elizabeth Ross, sailing (2008, 2004)

Nov. 20
Sackville, N.B.: Crystal Kikuchi, gymnastics (2000)

Nov. 22
Stanley Bridge, P.E.I.: Heather Mandoli, rowing (2008)
Summerside, P.E.I.: Heather Moyse, bobsleigh (2006)

Nov. 23
Dieppe, N.B.: Monica Hitchcock, volleyball (1984)
Moncton, N.B.: Russ Howard, curling (2006, gold)
Summerside, P.E.I.: Jamie Cruickshank, bobsleigh (2006)

Nov. 25
CFB/BFC Gagetown, N.B.: William Jones, shooting (1960)
Fredericton, N.B.: Marianne Limpert, swimming (2000, 1996,1992, silver)
Oromocto, N.B.: Eric Allaert Gillies, figure skating (1976)

Nov. 27
Fredericton: Fred Blaney, judo (1984)
Grande-Anse, N.B.: Kathy McCormack, ice hockey (1998, silver)

Nov. 28
Campbellton, N.B.: Ari Taub, wrestling (2008)
Grand-Sault/Grand Falls, N.B.: Milaine Theriault, cross-country skiing (2006, 2002)

Nov. 29
Rimouski, Que.: Phil Beaudry, fencing (2008)
Rimouski, Que.: Rob Braknis,swimming (1996)
Rimouski, Que.: Pierre Harvey, cross-country skiing & cycling (1988, 1984, 1984, 1976)
Baie-Comeau, Que.: John Richardson, rowing (1968)
Pointe-au-Père, Que.: Sandra Kirby, rowing (1976)
Rimouski, Que.: Martine Albert, biathlon (2006)

Dec. 1
Chicoutimi, Que.: Joel Brough, field hockey (1992)
Saguenay (Jonquière), Que.: Linda Heathcott, equestrian (1996)
Saguenay (Jonquière), Que.: Marc Gagnon, short track speed skating (2002, 1998, 1994, gold)

Dec. 2
Roberval, Que.: Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon, figure skating (1998)
Ville de Québec, Que.: Mélanie Turgeon, alpine skiing (2002, 1998, 1994)

Dec. 3
La Cité, Que.: Gaétan Boucher, speed skating (1988, 1984, 1980, gold)
La Cité , Que.: Julie Beaulieu, gymnastics (2000)
L’Ancienne-Lorette, Que.: Élise Marcotte, synchronized swimming (2008)
Laurentien, Que.: Anne-Marie Lefrancois, alpine skiing (2002)
Lévis, Que.: Kalyna Roberge, speed skating (2006, silver)
Wendake, Que.: Waneek Horn-Miller, waterpolo (2000)
La Cité, Que.: Marcel Jobin, athletics (1984, 1980, 1976)

Dec. 4
Lévis, Que.: Ariane Loignon, speed skating (1988)
Lévis, Que.: Martine Dugrenier, wrestling (2008)
Lévis, Que.: Nadine Rolland, swimming (2000)
Lévis, Que.: Sylvie Bernier, diving (1984, gold)
Sainte-Marie, Que.: Nathalie Gosselin, judo (1996)

Dec. 5
Victoriaville, Que.: Stéphanie St-Pierre , freestyle skiing (2006)
Warwick, Que.: Mathieu Turcotte , short track speed skating (2006, 2002, 1998, gold)

Dec. 6
Bromont, Que.:Mario Deslauriers, equestrian (1988, 1980)
Drummondville, Que.:Danielle Goyette, ice hockey (2006, 2002, 1998, gold)
Drummondville, Que.: Nancy Drolet, ice hockey (1998 silver)

Dec. 7
Longueuil, Que.: Therese Brisson, ice hockey (2002, 1998, gold)
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Que.: Isabelle Brasseur, figure skating (1994, 1992, 1988 gold)
Longueuil, Que.: Sue Holloway, canoe/kayak, cross-country skiing (1984, 1980, 1976, silver)

Dec. 8
Châteauguay, Que.: Emilie Fournel, canoe/kayak (2008)
Châteauguay, Que.: Martin Gilbert, cycling (2008)
Châteauguay, Que.: Nathalie Giguere, swimming (1992)
Hudson, Ont.: Evert Bastet, sailing (1984, 1980, 1976, silver)
Kahnawáke, Que.: Alwyn Morris, canoe/kayak (1988, 1984 1980, gold)
Saint-Lazare, Que.:Marie-Pierre Gagne, synchronized swimming (2008,2004)
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Que.: Henry Hering, rowing (2000, 1996, 1992)
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Que.: Julie Mahoney, fencing (2000)
Saint-Lambert, Que.: Jonathan Guilmette, short track speed skating (2006, 2002, 1992, gold)
Saint-Constant, Que.: Bruny Surin, athletics (2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, gold)
Saint-Constant, Que.: Michel Boulos, fencing (2004)
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que.: Marie-Eve Marleau, diving (2008)

Dec. 9
Montréal: Denis Barré, canoe/kayak (1980, 1976)
Montréal: Jean-François Monette, short track speed skating (2002)
Montréal: Tricia Smith, rowing (1988,1984,1980,1976, silver)
Mont-Tremblant, Que.: Peter Duncan, alpine skiing (1968, 1964)

Dec. 10
Boisbriand, Que.: Angela Cutrone, short track speed skating (1992, gold)
Laval, Que.: Alexandre Despatie, diving (2008, 2004, 2000, gold)
Montréal: Guylaine Bernier, rowing (1976)
Montréal: Sylvie Daigle, short track speed skating (1994, 1992, 1984, 1980, gold)
Montréal: Nathalie Lambert, short track speed skating (1994, 1992, gold)
Pointe-Claire, Que.: Thomas Hall, canoe/kayak (2008, bronze)

Dec. 11
Gatineau, Que.: Pierre St-Jean, weightlifting (1968, 1964)
Ottawa: Bob Storey, bobsleigh (1972, 1968)
Grenville, Que.: Bruce Kidd, athletics (1964)

Dec. 12
Ottawa: Carolyn Waldo, synchronised swimming (1988, 1984)
Ottawa: Joé Juneau, ice hockey (1992, silver)

Dec. 13
Almonte, Ont.: Elizabeth Manley-Theobald, figure skating (1988, 1984, silver)
Ottawa: Barbara Ann Scott-King, figure skating (1948, gold)
Renfrew, Ont.: Tam Matthews, sailing (1980)

Dec. 14
Cornwall, Ont.: Anne Alexander, swimming (1980, 1976, gold)
Cornwall, Ont.: Greg Joy, athletics (1976, silver)
Kingston, Ont.:Jeff Lay, rowing (1996, silver)
Orleans, Ont.: Beverly Cameron, rowing (1976)

Dec. 15
Kingston, Ont.:Tim Irwin, sailing (1968)

Dec. 16
Lakefield, Ont.: Michael de la Roche, sailing (1976)

Dec. 17
Markham, Ont.: Gillian Apps, ice hockey (2006, gold)
Markham, Ont.:Nicole Forrester, athletics (2008)
Pickering, Ont.:Brian Orser, figure skating (1988, 1984. silver)
Toronto: James Worrall, athletics (1936)
Toronto: Owen Von Richter, swimming (2000)
Toronto: Paul Craig, athletics (1980)
Toronto: Paul Henderson, sailing (1968, 1964)
Toronto: Robert Finlay, athletics (1968)
Toronto: Vicky Sunohara, ice hockey (2006, 2004,1998, gold)
Markham, Ont.: Bill Crothers, athletics (1964, silver)
Toronto: Marnie McBean, rowing (1996, 1992, gold)
Toronto: Erin McLean, softball (2008)

Dec. 18
Bolton, Ont.: Avianna Chao, shooting (2008)
Brampton, Ont.: Kurt Browning, figure skating (1994,1992,1988)
Brampton, Ont.: Tim Bethune, athletics (1984)

Dec. 19
Burlington, Ont.: Alan Thomson, canoe/kayak (1984)
Mississauga: Cheryl Pounder, ice hockey (2006, 2002, gold)
Oakville, Ont.: Adam van Koeverden, canoe/kayak (2008,2004, gold)
Oakville, Ont.: John Wood, canoe/kayak (1976, silver)
Toronto: Mike West, swimming (1984, silver)

Dec. 20
Hamilton: Michael Lambert, snowboard (2010 hopeful)
Hamilton: Susan Palmer-Komar, cycling (2004, 1996)
Niagara Falls, Ont.: Colin Jenkins, triathlon (2008)
Niagara Falls, Ont.: Gordon Singleton, cycling (1980)
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.: Kimberley Ribble-Orr, judo (2000)
Queenston, Ont.: Sharon Creelman, field hockey (1992, 1988, 1984)
Jordan, Ont.:Brady Reardon, canoe/kayak (2008)

Dec. 21
Brantford, Ont.: Kevin Sullivan, athletics (2008, 2004, 2000)
Fonthill, Ont.: Tonya Verbeek, wrestling (2008, 2004, silver)
Niagara Falls, Ont.: Linda Thom, shooting (1984, gold)

Welland, Ont.: Melanie Kok, rowing (2008, bronze)

Dec. 22
Chatham, Ont.: Chris Lori, bobsleigh (1998, 1994, 1992,1988, bronze)
Chatham, Ont.: Elizabeth Czenczek, field hockey (1988)
St. Thomas, Ont.: Crispin Duenas, archery (2008)
St. Thomas, Ont.: Doug Consiglio, athletics (1988)

Dec. 23
Amherstburg, Ont.: Bill Abbott, sailing (2000, 1996, 1980)
LaSalle, Ont.: Denise Benning-Reid , figure skating (1988)
LaSalle, Ont.: Stubby Clapp, baseball (2008)
Nelson, Ont.: Dave Irwin, alpine skiing (1980, 1976)
Nelson, Ont.: Brandon Jung, waterpolo (2008)

Dec. 27
Cambridge, Ont.: Ken Fitzpatrick, swimming (1984)
Stratford, Ont.: Julia Wilkinson, swimming (2008)

Dec. 28
Erin, Ont.: Iain Brambell, rowing (2008, 2004, 2000, bronze)

Dec. 29
Blue Mountain, Ont.: Brad Martin, snowboarding (2006)
Elmvale, Ont.: Andrea Smith, swimming (1996)

Dec. 30
Barrie, Ont.: Robert Esmie, athletics (1996, gold)
Huntsville, Ont.: Anna van der Kamp, rowing (1996, silver)
Huntsville, Ont.: Melanie Banville , gymnastics (2004)

Dec. 31
Rouyn-Noranda, Que.: Alison Herst-Jackson, canoe/kayak (1996,1992)
Rouyn-Noranda, Que.: Denyse Julien, badminton (2004, 1992)

Jan. 1
Iroquois Falls, Ont.: Sharon Speers, field hockey (1988, 1984)

Jan. 2
Sudbury, Ont.: Alex Baumann, swimming (1984, 1980, gold)

Jan. 3
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.: Janice Birch, synchronized swimming (1996, silver)
Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.: Thomas Alexander, swimming (1976)
Thunder Bay, Ont.: Katie Weatherston, ice hockey (2006, gold)
Thunder Bay, Ont.: Paul Gratton, volleyball (20061984)

Jan. 5
Winnipeg: Heather Kemkaran-Antymniuk, figure skating (1980)

Jan. 7
Winkler, Man.:Karen Doell, softball (1996)

Jan. 9
Yorkton, Sask.: Lori-Ann Mundt, volleyball (1996)

Jan. 10
Moose Jaw, Sask.:Don Walchuk, curling (2002, silver)
Regina: Mike Hall, speed skating (1994)

Jan. 11
Duck Lake, Sask.:Viola Yanik, wrestling (2004)
Hague, Sask.: Ken Tralnberg, curling (2002, silver)
Prince Albert, Sask.:Erin Cumpstone, softball (2008, 2004)

Jan. 12
Lloydminster, Alta.: Marcia Gudereit, curling (1998, gold)
North Battleford, Sask.:Fiona Smith-Bell, ice hockey(1998, silver)

Jan. 13
Edmonton: Cheryl Gibson, swimming (1980, 1976, silver)
Edmonton: Doreen Delores, speed skating (1964, 1960)
St. Albert, Alta.: Tim Berrett, athletics (2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992)
St. Albert, Alta.: Dale Henwood, ice hockey (1952, gold)

Jan. 15
Red Deer, Alta.: Barbara Armbrust, rowing (1984, silver)
Stony Plain, Alta.: Barbara Clark-Parolin, swimming (1976, gold)
Camrose, Alta.: Cary Mullen, alpine skiing (1994, 1992)

Jan. 17
Seven Persons, Alta.: Pauline Van Roessel, rowing (2004)
Taber, Alta.: Mark Tewksbury, swimming (1992, 1988, gold)
Taber, Alta.: Paul Tichelaar, triathlon (2008)

Jan. 18
Calgary: David Humble, badminton (1992)
Calgary: Kathy Salmon, luge (1992, 1988)
Okotoks, Alta.: Corrina Kennedy, canoe/kayak (1996)
Okotoks, Alta.: Gail Amundrud, swimming (1976, bronze)
Okotoks, Alta.: Ian Gordon, athletics (1972)

Jan. 19
Airdrie, Alta.: Matt Hindle, bobsleigh (1998)
Beiseker, Alta.: Diane Jones Konihowski, athletics (1980, 1976, 1972)
Calgary: Joshua Riker-Fox, modern pentathlon (2008)
Calgary: Susan Auch, speed skating (1998, 1994, 1992, silver)
Calgary: Kristina Groves, speed skating (2006, 2002, silver)
Crossfield, Alta.: Curtis Myden, swimming (2000, 1996, 1992, bronze)

Jan. 20
Calgary: Christina Smith, bobsleigh (2002)
Banff, Alta.: Jaimie Dawson, badminton (1996)
Banff, Alta.: Karen Percy-Lowe, alpine skiing (1988, bronze)
Canmore, Alta: Dave Rees, cross-country skiing (1968)
Canmore, Alta.: Jean McAllister, cross-country skiing (1988)
Canmore, Alta.:James Boyde, biathlon (1968)
Canmore, Alta.:Lorna Kuhn, cross-country skiing (1992, 1988)
Canmore, Alta.:Rhonda DeLong, cross-country skiing (1992)

Jan. 22
Canal Flats, B.C.: Wendy-Hogg, swimming (1976, 1972, bronze)
Edgewater, B.C.: Ingrid Liepa, speed skating (1998, 1994)
Invermere, B.C.: Krisy Myers, speed skating (2006)
Kimberley, B.C.: Roger Jackson, rowing (1942, 1964, gold)
Parson, B.C.: Annamay Pierse, swimming (2008)

Jan. 23
Windermere, B.C.: Terry Gagnon, volleyball (1992)
Cranbrook, B.C.:Courtney Babcock, athletics (2004)
Kitchener, B.C.: Kelly Kelland, softball (1996)

Jan. 24
Grand Forks, B.C.: Mark Johnston, swimming (2004, 2000)
Trail, B.C.: Diane Clement, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Doug Kyle, athletics (1960, 1956)
Trail, B.C.:Gerry Moro, athletics (1972, 1964)
Trail, B.C.: Jackie MacDonald, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Laird Sloan, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Margaret Tosh, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Murray Cockburn, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Stan Levenson, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Terry Tobacco, athletics (1956)
Trail, B.C.: Valerie Jerome, athletics (1960)
Castlegar, B.C.: Sohen Biln, rowing (1960, silver)
Midway, B.C.: Ben Hindle, bobsleigh (1998)
Trail, B.C.: Christopher Ius, boxing (1976, 1972)
Trail, B.C.: Stan Levenson, athletics (1956)
Midway, B.C.: Derek Robbins, alpine skiing (1972)

Jan. 25
Kaleden, B.C.: Ron Hayman, cycling (1976, 1972)
Kelowna, B.C.: Scott Frandsen, rowing (2008, 2004, silver)
Penticton, B.C.:Mark Versfeld, swimming (2000)
Summerland, B.C.: Robert Woodbury, sailing (1980)
Okanagan Falls, B.C.: Don Bertoia, athletics (1964)
Osoyoos, B.C.: Ross Rebagliati , snowboard (1998, gold)
Osoyoos, B.C.: Andy van Ruyven,rowing (1976, 1972)

Jan. 26
Vernon, B.C.: Dylan Armstrong , athletics (2008)
Kelowna, B.C.: Gary Athans, alpine skiing (1984)
Lake Country, B.C.: Auburn Sigurdson, softball (2004)

Jan. 27
Kamloops, B.C.: Kate Richardson, gymnastics (2004, 2000)
Kamloops, B.C.: Michael Farrington, figure skating (1988)
Sorrento, B.C.: Melinda Kunhegyi, figure skating (1984)
Salmon Arm, B.C.: Sandra Jenkins, curling (2006)

Jan. 28
Williams Lake, B.C.:Mark Howkins, shooting (1988, 1984)

Jan. 29
McBride, B.C: Luella Long, athletics (1952)
Prince George, B.C.: Michelle (Tuppy) Hoehn, biathlon (1998)

Jan. 30
Hazelton, B.C.:Carol Huynh, wrestling (2008, gold)
Hazelton, B.C.: Glenn Rupertus, biathlon (1994, 1992, 1988)

Feb. 4
Sechelt, B.C.: Lynn Kanuka, athletics (1988, 1984)

Feb. 5
Brackendale, B.C.:Andreas Hestler, mountain biking (1996)
Squamish, B.C.: Ben Remocker, sailing (2008)
Squamish, B.C.: Dominique Vallee, snowboard (2006)
Squamish, B.C.: Kim Gordon, rowing (1980)
Squamish, B.C.: Robin Scholefield, swimming (1976, bronze)
Whistler: John Smart, freestyle skiing (1994,1992)

Whistler: Julia Murray, ski cross (2010 hopeful)

Whistler: Mike Creery, athletics (1980)

Whistler: Steve Podborski, alpine skiing (1984, 1980, bronze)
Whistler Olympic Park: Deb Whitten, field hockey (1992)
Whistler Olympic Park: Georgina Wheatcroft, curling (2002, bronze)
Whistler Olympic Park: Shannon Smith, swimming (1976, bronze)

Feb. 6
Cache Creek, B.C.: Tyler Seitz, luge (2002, 1998)
Pemberton, B.C.: Marion Lay, swimming (1968, 1964, bronze)
Pemberton, B.C.: Susan Nattrass, shooting (2008, 2004, 2000, 1992, 1976)

Feb. 7
Chilliwack, B.C.: Bindi Kullar, field hockey (2008, 2000)
Hope, B.C.: Lise Arsenault-Goertz, gymnastics (1976, 1972)

Feb. 8
Maple Ridge, B.C.: Michael Nell, ski jump (2006)
Surrey, B.C.: Daniel Igali, wrestling (2004, 2000, gold)
Surrey, B.C.: Stephanie McCann, athletics (2004)
Surrey, B.C.: Kathleen Heddle, rowing (1996, 1992, gold)

Feb. 9
North Delta, B.C.: Peter Motzek, field hockey (1976)
Richmond, B.C.: Alan Sakai, judo (1972)
Richmond, B.C.: Hawley Bennett, equestrian (2004)
Richmond, B.C.: Jimmy van Ostrand, baseball (2008)
Richmond, B.C.:Sabrina Kolker, rowing (2008, 2004)
Richmond, B.C.: Shirley Olafsson, athletics (1948)
White Rock, B.C.: Sarah Evanetz, swimming (1996)
Feb. 10
North Vancouver: Johan Sauer, shooting (2008)
North Vancouver: Karen Magnussen-Cella, figure skating (1972, 1968, silver)
North Vancouver: Kelly Ringstad, freestyle skiing (2002)
North Vancouver (District): Anthony Wright, field hockey (2008)
North Vancouver (District): Blair Horn, rowing (1984, gold)
North Vancouver (District): Joel Finlay, rowing (1968)
West Vancouver:Graham Smith, swimming (1980, 1976, silver)
North Vancouver: Richard W. Pound, swimming (1960)

Feb. 11
Burnaby, B.C.: Tracy Wilson-Kinsella, figure skating (1988, 1984, bronze)
Coquitlam, B.C.: Brit Townsend, athletics (1984)
Coquitlam, B.C.: Bruce Deacon, athletics (2000, 1996)
Coquitlam, B.C.: Chris Wilson, wrestling (1992)
Coquitlam, B.C.: Christian Farstad, bobsleigh (1994, 1992)
Coquitlam, B.C.: Joy Fara, rowing (1976)
Vancouver: George Hungerford, rowing (1964, gold)
Vancouver: Veronica Brenner, freestyle skiing (2002, 1998, silver)
Vancouver: Catriona Le May Doan, speed skating (2002, 1998, 1994, 1992, gold)

Feb. 12
Vancouver: Beckie Scott, cross-country skiing (2006, 2002, 1998, gold)
Vancouver: Charmaine Crooks, athletics (1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980, silver)
Vancouver: David Turcotte, basketball (1988)
Vancouver: Karen James, swimming (1972)