Don't Miss These Olympic Moments: Days 9-17

Forecasting February Part Two

Part two of this February forecast zeroes in on days 9 through 17, highlighting the key times on each day that you can watch Canadian athletes go for gold – or parade around a stadium. Get yourself decked out in red and cheer them on, wherever you might be.

(All times Pacific)

Feb. 20
• 10 a.m., alpine – Emily Brydon leads the way in ladies super-G action in Whistler, where anything can happen.
• 1: 30 p.m., cross-country skiing – In the arduous 30 km pursuit, Ivan Babikov and company will try to chase a medal.
• 4:15 p.m., speed skating – Check out the men’s thrilling 1,500-metre event where Canadians will be in the medal hunt.
• 7:50 p.m., short track speed skating – How many of Canada’s talented ladies will reach the 1,500-metre final, raced here?
• 8:05 p.m., short track speed skating – Brothers Charles and Francois Hamelin lead the way in the 1,000-metre final.

Feb. 21
• 10:45 a.m., biathlon – Watch the incredible “mass start” of the men’s 15 km biathlon event.
• 1 p.m., biathlon – Stay tuned and watch the same event for Canada’s women’s biathletes.
• 1:18 p.m., ski cross – Few sports will be as thrilling as ski cross; here Chris Del Bosco leads the men in the final (hopefully!).
• 1:45 p.m., alpine – Should a Canadian win a medal in the men’s giant slalom final, it will be a momentous occasion.
• 2:45 p.m., bobsleigh – Canadian men have potentially two sleds taking aim at the podium.
• 3 p.m., speed skating – Cindy Klassen, Kristina Groves, Christine Nesbitt, 1,500 metres, we need say no more.
• 4:40 p.m., hockey – Canada battles USA in men’s hockey, a few people will likely watch.

Feb. 22
• 1 p.m., cross-country skiing – Canadian ladies gear up for the sprint final.
• 1:25 p.m., cross-country skiing – A half-hour later, the men get set to do the same.
• 4:45 p.m., figure skating – A must-watch event, as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir take aim at Olympic gold in ice dance.

Feb. 23
• 11:30 p.m., biathlon: Watch the women, led by Zina Kocher, attempt a best-ever result for Canada.
• 2:03 p.m., ski cross: Absolutely don’t miss Kelsey Serwa, Ashleigh McIvor and company race for an Olympic title.

Feb. 24
• 11:00 a.m., cross-country skiing: The action-packed men’s 4×10 km relay race, where Canadians finished fifth at the 2009 World Championships.
• 1:00 p.m., speed skating: The ladies 5,000 metres includes flag bearer Clara Hughes and Kristina Groves.
• 1:15 p.m., alpine: Another dramatic day in Whistler with the ladies giant slalom medal event.
• 6 p.m., bobsleigh: Canada’s super pilots Kaillie Humphries and Helen Upperton gun for a medal in the women’s final.
• 6:26 p.m., short track speed skating: Hold onto your hats for one of the most exciting events, the ladies 3,000-metre relay.
• 7:30 p.m., freestyle skiing: Veronika Bauer and Sabrina Guérin take to the skies for the aerials final.

Feb. 25
• 9 a.m., curling: Catch two women’s semifinal matches at once.
• 1 p.m., Nordic combined: Jason Myslicki battles the world in the LH/10 km event.
• 3:30 p.m., hockey: Here’s hoping Canada is in the women’s gold medal game.
• 5 p.m., figure skating: Joannie Rochette leads the way for Canada in the ladies final.
• 6 p.m., freestyle skiing: Can Steve Omischl finally add an Olympic medal to his illustrious aerials resume?

Feb. 26
• 11:30 a.m., biathlon: You can feel the nerves watching the men’s relay final.
• 1:30 p.m., alpine: Canada may have several skiers in the ladies slalom final.
• 1:30 p.m., snowboard: Carolyn Calvé, Alexa Loo and Kimiko Zakreski carve up the hillside in the ladies parallel giant slalom final.
• 3 p.m., curling: Will this be Cheryl Bernard’s crowning moment in the women’s gold medal match?
• 7:15 p.m., short track speed skating: Charles Hamelin and Francois-Louis Tremblay will race the shortest and wildest event: the 500 metres.
• 7:25 p.m., short track speed skating: Kalyna Roberge leads the charge in the ladies 1,000 metres.
• 7:25 p.m., short track speed skating: Don’t go anywhere as the night caps with the men’s 5,000-metre relay.

Feb. 27
• 9 a.m., curling: The men’s bronze medal match starts the day.
• 11:45 p.m., cross-country skiing: Watch the ladies 30 km mass start endurance event.
• 12:50 p.m., speed skating: Catch the men go for gold in the exciting men’s team pursuit.
• 1:13 p.m., speed skating: A chance for back-to-back gold with ladies team pursuit.
• 1:30 p.m., snowboard: Jasey-Jay Anderson, world champion, lays it all on the line in parallel giant slalom, alongside many teammates.
• 1:45 p.m., alpine: Michael Janyk is ranked 10th in the world in slalom – what can he do here, in his second run?
• 2:15 p.m., bobsleigh: Is it Pierre Lueders’ final Olympic appearance? Watch what happens in the 4-man event’s final run.
• 3 p.m., curling: The men’s gold medal game.
• 7 p.m., hockey: The men’s bronze medal game.

Feb. 28
• 9:30 a.m., cross-country skiing: Canada’s skiers push themselves through the amazing 50 km mass start event.
• 12:15 p.m., hockey: The whole country hopes the men’s gold medal game features Canada.
• 5:30 p.m.: Closing Ceremony.

Times subject to change.