OTP Announces the Conclusion of Roger Jackson’s Term as CEO and Director of Winter Sport

Alex Baumann Appointed Interim CEO

Own the Podium announces the conclusion of Roger Jackson’s term as chief executive officer, effective April 15. Alex Baumann, OTP’s chief technical officer, will assume the role of interim CEO from the Own the Podium office in Ottawa.

Appointed as OTP’s CEO in 2005, Jackson was responsible for building and staffing the Own the Podium program. During his four and a half year term, Jackson and his team developed strategic and operational plans designed to meet performance objectives for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and to strengthen Canada’s high-performance sport system.

“It certainly has been a privilege, and an exciting challenge to have had the opportunity to build OTP, and to work with the sport community and our government and corporate partners on such an important national project,” said Roger Jackson. “When I was asked to lead this initiative, I indicated that I would do so only until April 2010. I now have the opportunity to move on to new interests and ventures. I do so with sadness at leaving such wonderful and talented colleagues who I recruited as we built this team, but I am confident they will carry on, and take this program to the next level.”

In 2006, Jackson was asked by the summer sports and the Canadian Olympic Committee to develop a business plan, “Road to Excellence,” to create a road map for success in summer sport. This report was accepted and his role expanded to that of chief executive officer for both Canada’s summer and winter sport excellence initiatives. Alex Baumann was hired in January 2007 to direct the summer program.

“Roger did an exceptional job of coming in to take a concept and build an organisation around it that breathed life into it,” said Chris Rudge, CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee and Chairman of the OTP Steering Committee. “Support for Canada’s athletes, coaches and National Sport Federations has never been stronger, and the development of sport science and research is providing tools for success that will build the foundation for future Olympians and Paralympians. Roger had the perseverance and vision to stick to his guns through the development of this program and the sport community owes him a big thank you.”

The Own the Podium Team provided the leadership and resources to achieve the ‘best ever’ performances by Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams, including winning more Gold medals than any previous country at an Olympic Winter Games.

“Roger has been an outstanding visionary who has been largely responsible for shifting Canada’s high performance sport culture to focus on excellence,” said Alex Baumann. “His uncompromising attitude to succeed at the highest level has brought Canada to new heights in the international arena. Roger has been a great mentor who has shown that if you aim high and believe, great things can be achieved.”

Own the Podium is undergoing a review of the current program and structure and an analysis of the results achieved to date.

Since its creation in 2005, Own the Podium has provided enhanced support to Canada’s winter and summer sports. Own the Podium recommends excellence funding to sports that have the potential to win medals at Olympic and Paralympic Games.