Canadian Team Welcomed in Singapore

The Canadian Youth Olympic Team was welcomed to Singapore in style at a special dinner hosted by the High Commission of Canada in Singapore.

With the Opening Ceremony just around the corner, the Canadian contingent took the opportunity to enjoy Canadian fare and new Singapore favourites for dinner, mingle with Canadian ex-patriots currently living in Singapore and enjoy the music of RockSoulFusion.

High Commissioner David Sevigny warmed up the crowd by hearkening back to the support Canadians heaped on Team Canada at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games: “Canadians have this quiet pride, but when it comes to sports we unleash this rampant patriotism.”

Caroline Assalian, Executive Managing Director, Sport and NSF Relations, had words of encouragement for any nervous Youth Olympians.

“It’s totally normal,” she said. “Some of our great Olympic medallists, Alexandre Despatie, Clara Hughes, Beckie Scott, they all felt the same way.”

The emotional highlight of the evening was Canadian flag bearer Jeremy Bagshaw, a swimmer from Victoria who was born in Singapore, being surprised with the arrival of 16 family members. “I was so surprised,” said Bagshaw. “I did not expect them all to be here!”

Bagshaw and Assalian led the crowd in a chant of “Go Canada Go!”

The team returned to their accommodations in the Youth Olympic Village ready to focus on two weeks of athletic competition, the exciting Culture and Education program that is part of these Youth Games and living among their peers from around the world.

“Absorb every day. Some of your greatest moments will come in the next two weeks,” Assalian said. “When it’s over, we hope it is just part of your journey—your journey to the Olympic Games or to becoming leaders.”