Canadian Olympic Sponsors Gather in Toronto for Bi-Annual Partner Conference

Today marks the second Canadian Olympic Committee Partner Workshop, a bi-annual event that regroups the Canadian Olympic Partners to maximize their program activations, provide opportunities to network and build connections with fellow Partners, share best practices and offer key COC updates and information on upcoming Games. The event is hosted at the Gardiner Museum in downtown Toronto.

Among the keynote speakers are Overholt, Caroline Assalian, COC Executive Managing Director of Sport & NSF Relations, Alyson Walker, COC Executive Director of Marketing Partnerships, Dennis Kim, COC Executive Director, Brand Marketing, Gord Hendren, President at Charlton Strategic Research Inc. and Bill Cooper, Twentyten Group Senior Partner. They are joined by two renowned guest speakers in the field of Marketing and Social Media throughout the one-day session. Lesa Ukman, Founder and Chairman of sponsorship agency IEG will share best practices in sponsorship activation, while social media expert Scott Blackburn, Founder and CEO of social media marketing agency Thuzi will share insights regarding leveraging social networks to activate your brands – with a particular focus on Facebook.

Nine Olympic athletes will also be in attendance to witness first-hand the tremendous support from the many partners, they include: Nicole Forester (Athletic – High Jump), Tabia Charles (Athletic – Long Jump), Anson Henry (Athletic – 4x100m), Karen Cockburn (Gymnastic – Trampoline), Jason Burnett (Gymnastic – Trampoline), Rosie MacLennan (Gymnastic – Trampoline), Ohenewa Akuffo (Wrestling), Martine Dugrenier (Wrestling) and Tonya Verbeek (Wrestling).