Canadian Olympic values strengthen internationally

TORONTO – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced today the members of its 27 Commissions. Among those individuals on the 2012 list are Canadian Olympic Committee Board Members Walter Sieber, Richard W. Pound, Charmaine Crooks, Beckie Scott and COC President Marcel Aubut.

“I am very pleased to continue to sit on such important International Olympic Committee organizations as the Juridical Commission and the Marketing Commission,” said IOC member Richard W. Pound. They all keep me very busy but it is important to have the Canadian Olympic values represented on the world stage.”

“It is an honour to play a role in strengthening Canada’s partnership with the International Olympic Community,” said IOC Olympic Programme Commission member Walter Sieber. “As an Olympian, I am honoured to be re-appointed to the IOC Press Commission and to work with the Olympic Movement alongside the leading press agencies and journalist in sport,” said IOC Press Commission member Charmaine Crooks.

“It’s a responsibility I take very seriously to make a difference and speak on behalf of the athletes on topics that affect them so much,” said Beckie Scott member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and the Coordination Commission for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014. “It is very exciting as Russia gears up to host its first Olympic Winter Games and I look forward to working with the Organizing Committee in Sochi.”

“I am honoured to be a part of the International Olympic family that continues to grow the Olympic Movement,” said Aubut. “The International Relations Commission is an excellent forum for Canada to strengthen its relationships and benefit from a strong partnership with the IOC.” The role of the commissions is to guide the IOC and the Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games in their missions.