Poutine party at Canada Olympic House

On Day 7, Canada Olympic House felt more like a “Home Away From Home” than ever.

Family and (Canadian) food were the life of a party hosted by Procter & Gamble for COH guests.

During a heartwarming montage of personal video clips from family, friends and fans back in Canada, weighlifting bronze medallist Christine Girard grew teary-eyed alongside fellow Canadians in the COH’s celebration lounge.

The menu consisted of poutine and other Canadian delicacies, offering the athletes and their family and friends a little taste of home.

Acknowledging the Moms behind the athletes has been one of P&G’s main objectives in collaborating with the Canadian Olympic Committee. Olympians Annamay Pierse and Clara Hughes were at the event to thank their moms and families for giving them their everything.

“I wanted to be swimming for Canada at these Olympics,” said Pierse. “My family helped pick me up and put me back together when things didn’t quite happen as I was hoping. Now I’m here, at London 2012, working on the other side as part of CTV’s Olympic broadcasting team. It’s been an amazing experience being able to be the support for my other family, the Canadian swim team,” said Pierse.

Clara Hughes spoke about her mother Maureen’s relentless encouragement:

“When I was young, I wanted to do ballet and gymnastics so, my Mom found a way to get me involved,” said Hughes. “I never realized that I was too big for those sports because my Mom wouldn’t let me feel like I couldn’t do something. A huge thank you to all the Moms here, you make it happen for your children, and thank you to Procter & Gamble for their huge support of the Olympic movement.”